Style Diary: Nia H

What better way to relax than to have a Sunday day-in and read all about your favourite fashionistas. I’ll let Nia do her thing.
Hi I’m Nia Hand, raised in Tallahassee, FL. Living in Atlanta, GA as a Graphic Designer. Photographer on the side. I grew up as somewhat of a tomboy, didn’t “start” getting into my “girIie” stage until late in high school. Even then, it was a bit of a struggle. It has taken some time and has been a gradual process but now, I’m all in! One day, I just thought about it and I wanted to start a blog! I was kind of unsure what else could I offer that everyone else is already doing?? But, I really just said “whatever, I’ll just do it because I want to!!” So, here I am…New Style Blogger to the scene! I want to perhaps pursue styling in the near future!
My dressing style… I really don’t know how to explain it. I would say that I love to mix old and new pieces and maybe all old pieces to make them look new! I fully embrace color and mixing patterns/textures. There’s hardly a time when I “tone it down.” It seems like I have to have a “pop” of something happening (color/pattern/texture/a piece(s) of jewelry).
My influences… It varies from day to day, it definitely all depends on my mood really. But overall, I would say vintage and street smart. I like to make vintage things not look vintage. I like to get inspired by artwork, nature, and color palettes.
To be honest, I really don’t care about brands. Concentrating on brands has never been my thing. I really just go off of anything that speaks to me.
Favorite Make-up Brands
1. L’oreal Hip Pigments. 2. Physicians Formula Sunet Strip/Bronzer 3. Covergirl Mineral Powder 4. elf products because it’s affordable!! 5. I purchased this great palette from Ross by Profusion for $4, and it’s GREAT! I love it. 6. Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss
I’ve always thought my lips were beautiful or just my favorite thing about me! I try to always keep them moisturized and where a good gloss to accent them.
I would switch with Solange Knowles for a day. I really loved the style icon that she has turned into. I would also switch with Rihanna, when she had the short jet black hair. Sharp, Sophisticated and Bold.
I have so many favorite music tracks so it’s hard to decided…I would say, at this moment, I love The Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite is on repeat. 🙂
Favorite trend is Neon/Bright Colors.
top 5 Must-Haves :
1. Eyeliner
2. Lip Gloss
3. Jewelry  
4. A Smile
5. Cell Phone!
All Time fashion icon is Phyllis Hyman
Phrase/Saying: Stay Beautiful 
I certainly love that you’re rocking your natural hair. And I’d knick your earring collection anytime.
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Stay sharp.

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