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Let’s start this week on a high note with our well-loved Style Diary which is back by popular demand. On our Style Diary today is modelesque beauty Natasha whose blog I follow religiously. She was also featured on my Top 40 Bloggers of Colour. I caught up with Natasha and here’s what she had to spill:

ABY: Let’s start off with some bio stats about yourself Natasha.

My name is Natasha Ndlovu and I was born in Zimbabwe and also grew up in South Africa. I live in London where I work as a model, as well as being a blogger. I love photography, traveling and recently I have started doing fashion DIYs. I speak Ndebele, English, Spanish, French and am learning Russian.

ABY: In a few words, what would you say your dressing style is like?

I like to experiment with different styles, but right now I am into feminine pieces and stepping away from the masculine-androgynous look. Street-style photos really influence my look because it’s where you see people interpret the brand in their own way,  versus a carefully put-together runway look. 

ABY: Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most? 

I am loving Valentino’s ss13 collection, as well as Balmain . One is soft and delicate, the other is ‘tougher’ but both are still feminine in their own ways. 

-ABY: Any beauty secrets?  -Favourite make-up brands, stuff like that 🙂

I am currently using Lancome cleansing products, which, so far, are good. But Estee Lauder will always be my go-to brand in terms of beauty. I use pure olive oil on my skin, as well as coconut oil in my hair, other than that, there is not much I do routine wise. I will, however, highly recommend Bioderma makeup remover from France. It feels and looks like water but works like magic in removing makeup. 

ABY: Whoo, I have recently jumped on the Lancome bandwagon. Good stuff! Okay, if you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why? 

I would like to trade places with Miroslava Duma, editor of  Buro247  website. Not only is she stylish of course, but she has an amazing work ethic. It seems like she is never in the same city for more than 2 days. She works with new brands and designers, which is great for fashion-hungry individuals like ourselves. She seems to have it all together.

ABY: Don’t we all just want to be Miroslava… #oneday. What is your favourite trend right now? 

I am loving the check board print from Louis Vuitton and black-and-white stripes. I also really love the metallic trend. I bought a pair of metallic wedges from Zara the other day and have my eye on a metallic bag. I can’t wait to wear them when it gets warmer. 

louis vuitton checkboard

bisous natasha, celine paris

ABY: Your ultimate fashion no-no is…

Ultimate fashion no no is tights with Uggs. Tights are not pants and people can see your underwear ..just no !

ABY: LMAO! If your life was a movie, what would be its title and who would play you? 

And if my life was a movie, it would be called Natasha and I would play myself. I can’t imagine anyone else, famous or not who is anything like me, so I would just play me. 

ABY: Your top 5 must-haves. 

-Mac’s Russian Red lipstick

-a leather jacket

-the Givenchy Antigona satchel

-a pair of skinny jeans

-and a white tshirt.  

Each of these go well when combined with other outfits or put together.

ABY: Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why? 

My vintage fox fur which I bought in New York. It’s one of those one in a million items that cannot be replaced. 

ABY: Your all time fashion icon is… 

Well, right now it is Miroslava Duma .



ABY: Your favourite quote is…

Behind every successful woman is herself. 

-Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at? 

I blog at : Bisous Natasha

My Facebook page is:

My YouTube channel is:




Love your style ‘Tasha. As for those gorgeous endless legs, I shall remain forever jealous of them.

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