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Today’s Style Diary embodies style with a personality. One of the bubbliest characters on the Style Diary yet.  Repping Toronto today is Miss Medge.
My name is Medge and I’m from Toronto, Canada. My background is Haitian. I started blogging because I followed so many other fashion/personal style blogs so I just thought “why not?” I love singing loudly, dancing crazily and eating candy. I currently work in Leasing for a Property Management company, but my goal would definitely be to get into the fashion industry full time.
What would you describe your style as? My mood definitely influences me. If I’m feeling good about my body one day, I’ll definitely be a little more risky  with some minis or some tight skinnies. For those dreaded bloated days, I definitely go a little more bohemian, loose fitting, non-clingy dresses and skirts. Or sometimes it just comes down to inspiration. Like when I see something I wanna try, I’ll think of “how can I make this me?” So it’s all relative.
Which brands or designers ‘speak to you’ the most?  Well I’m always on a budget, so I’m usually shopping at H&M, Zara and Forever 21. Maybe one day I can afford more, but for now, I’ll stick with those. They always have great clothes, on trend, just on point!
Any beauty secrets? I always put a little concealer on my lips before I put on my lip gloss. And then I kiss off a bit of my lip gloss on a paper towel. I like it more matte, but I like a tiny bit of shine. I also mix my foundation with my face cream. I couldn’t find my perfect shade of tinted moisturizer so I made my own!  And sunscreen! I’m all about prevention, even if it seems a little excessive right now.

Favourite make-up brands are MAC lipsticks and eye shadows, NARS blushes and illuminators, and Maybelline foundation, mascara and eyeliner. I’m not even interested in trying anything new. I’m loyal to these three brands for what they do for me.

What is the most beautiful thing about you ? I’d say the most beautiful thing about me  is my smile and my laughter. And I say that because people always tell me that. I have an infectious smile or laugh.  I see some bloggers that have really intense expressions in their photos, although I want to do that, I can never help myself from smiling.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be and why?  Rachel Bilson. Solely to steal her closet! And Hayden Christensen wouldn’t be so bad either! Blake Lively would be my second choice! And again, Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be bad for a week! Lol.

Your favourite music track would be…Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia. It just makes me happy. Like seriously happy. I think I’m like Beyonce when I’m singing along. And I like the lyrics. The whole “you can’t break me” aspect of it.

What is your favourite trend right now? Pastels! Pastel anything, mostly denim!

Comment: ‘If you got it, flaunt it’…Flaunt it tastefully. No need to give the whole loaf of bread. A little peek-a-boo here and there is enticing – too much is trashy. Let’s keep it classy!
-Your top 5 must-haves.

Great pair of skinnies
A great plain white, black or grey shirt
Sexy strappy or pointy heels
A well-fitting blazer
A great clutch (or substitute another great accessory, like a killer statement necklace or something)
Your house is in flames, what one item would you save out of your closet and why?  I’d grab as many shoes as I can! But if I could really only take one, I’d grab my beige and black Tahari shoes. Or my neon H&M sandals!  This would be very, very hard! And my cell phone! My life’s on that thing!

Your all time fashion icon is…  The Olsen Twins. I just love their vibe and their style. It’s not too calculated – or they just make it look really easy.

Your favourite quote/saying: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” – Coco Chanel. It’s soooo true! I always find I look better after taking something off and that’s usually the last thing I had put on (over accessorizing is not always cute).
Do you have any blog, video links or website we can catch you at? 
Medge Beauvoir

Fashion Blogger
Toronto, Canada
Thanks for reading Medge’s dairy. How did you like her looks? Rate them and drop a comment.
Peace n Love 🙂

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  • Meda
    July 5, 2012

    This girl has a great variation of shoes. And she knows how to dress according her body type! 🙂