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Style Diary: Brenda C

Hiya precious ABYers! What have you been up to? How about we add some extra spice to your afternoon with this scintillating Style Diary from the one and only Skinny Bish, Miss Brenda Chuinkam. If like me, you’ve been following Brenda via her social media updates, then you would know she’s a top fashion force to be reckoned with. Repping #Team237 and all the Skinny Bishes, I present Brenda.

ABY: Who is Brenda?

My name is Brenda and I was born in Gabon but partly raised in New York and a Cameroonian citizen who currently resides in Toronto. I am a Technical Advisor for Sony Canada who loves dressing up and going for events.

 brenda chuinkam

ABY: How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is more or less curves and colours meet print. I love bright colours and lots of print-especially Ankara. I have just started into getting into the habit of wearing thrifted/vintage pieces with modern trends and I’m loving it so far – my wallet is loving it as well,lol. I generally do not wear items above $60 because I know my limit but I do make occasional exceptions mostly for bags and ballroom/birthday/big event dresses. I love my dresses!

ABY: which designers speak to you the most?

Hands down “Andrea Iyamah” speaks to me the most! Haha. I have been a fan since Day 1 and I’m so proud to know the designer personally and see how far she’s come. She knows that I must own a piece from every single one of her collections and was even kind enough to send some pieces as a gift! Another designer whose stuff I love is Design of a Diaspora– modern day Ankara outfits at affordable prices. There is also of course Zeena Kay. 

In terms of widespread designers-I love (but cannot yet afford) Rachel Zoe, DKNY, Chanel, Ellie Saab, Duaba Serwa, Herve Leger, Balmain and Vera Wang.

Brenda in a Zeena Kay dress. #topnotch!

ABY: Spill on your beauty secrets. Top 5.

My Top 5 beauty secrets would probably be:

 a) Drink lots of water and randomly suck in your stomach in-between workouts; it creates more resistance.

b) Do lots of squats-it really defines your bum.

c) Never go to bed with make up on. Especially if you have oily skin.

d) Watch something funny everyday – it keeps a smile on your face and makes you more approachable.

e) Use Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer-haha ok it doesn’t have to be Mary Kay but find what works for you and use regularly.

 ABY: Your favourite makeup brands would be…

I used to be obsessed with Mac- I still am slightly but I run away from their foundation because it always makes e break out. I use Mary Kay when it comes to foundation and then Mac brow pencil, lipstick, liner etc.I use a lot of drugstore make up as well such as Revlon eye pencil and L’oreal mascara and of course my Quo lashes! I am no make up guru, my make up routine for work is very simple-eye liner and brow liner. that’s it. When I go for events, then I like to slap on some lashes and lipstick and foundation etc.

 brenda skinny bish

ABY: What fragrance are you obsessed with at the moment? 

 I am not a huge fragrance person so most of the times if I’m wearing a fragrance, I stole it from my mom. She has all the classics- Channel No.5, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Princess by Vera Wang and Opium by Yves St Laurent. I also like Heat by Beyonce, Chloe by Marc Jacobs, Obsessed by Calvin Klein and Fantasy by Britney Spears. I barely spray them on unfortunately, partly because there is a “No fragrance” policy at work!

ABY: Sad face to the ‘no fragrance’ policy:( Well, if you could trade places with anyone who would it be and why?

7) If I could trade places with anyone for a week it would have to be Chloe Green, the daughter of multi billionaire and owner of Topshop, Phillip Green. I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity because everyone would be in my face. I would just take $1billion of her money and then come back to my life and lead a relatively normal life while getting anything I wanted, and helping my family and friends, haha!

 0000-brenda-from-toronto 000-brenda-from-toronto 1001910_654003194629888_1447681286_nbrenda skinny bish blog

cameroonian fashion blog

ABY: Haha, great strategy there! What’s your favourite music track now?

Right now I’m loving Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, Liquor store blues by Bruno Mars, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Antenna by Fuse, Shake by Flavour (I listen to it everyday on my way to work), Appelles-moi Princesse by Grace Decca, Next to me by Emeli Sande and Fu-gee-la by The Fugees.


ABY: Wow, quite the playlist. (opens new YouTube tab…). what’s your favourite trend now?

  I’m loving the Monochrome, all-white and print mixing trends– I feel like they’re timeless and can work for anyone if done right.

cameroonian blogger

ABY: Your ultimate fashion no-nos…

My fashion no-nos are few because let’s face it, if you don’t take risks you never know what may become. You will however never see me wearing leggings, a crop top and ugg boots or see-through tights and a sweater…another no-no of mine: a cute mini dress with boots that cut off my ankles because my legs are too short and thick for that.

ABY: If your life was a movie what would be its title and who would play you?

Haha, if my life were a movie it would be called “Seeking My Ultimate Purpose” and I’m not sure who would play me…maybe an unknown actress …or maybe Anika Noni Rose!

ABY: Top 5 wardrobe must-haves are…

Top 5 wardrobe must haves:Fitted blazer, black pumps, brightly-colored dress, Classic tote and Little black dress.

skinny bish

ABY: If your house were to go up in flames what items would you save from your closet?

I would try to save all my dresses if my house went up in flames AND I wasn’t just standing there hopeless and crying (which is what I think I would do instead). I I had to pick just ONE item though, it would be my Zara hand bag because it has all my IDs, credit/debit cards and important info all at once…


ABY: Who are your fashion icons?

My all-time fashion icons are mostly fellow bloggers like KT Reed, Cynthia of Addicted to Etsy, but then there are others like Audrey Hepburn, Solange Knowles, Currey Mulligan, Tulisa and most of the young women who have been featured on Black Girls Killing it! Haha!

 ABY: Ha! i stalk BGKI too! What’s your favourite quote? 

I have so many favourite quotes (which I share almost daily on my Twitter page) but 1 of my ultimate favorites is: 

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people only exist.”–Oscar Wilde

Now go out there and live! haha!

 ABY: I love that. Stealing:) Where can ABYers find you:

You can find me on my blog: www.canneverbeaskinnybish.com

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/canneverbeaskinnybish?ref=hl

Instagram: @theonlyskinnybish

Twitter: @yesbrendacan

 While Brenda dances her way out, let’s take some time off to appreciate this stunning curvy Cameroonian beauty. 

And I just can’t get enough of her poses. Not to talk of African prints. Brenda please hook me up after this sef.

Anywho, what did you make of her style? 

I say hot all the way! What says you?

drop your comments and share , share, share this post!

Thanks for stopping by ABY today.

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Love & Light 


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  • Lucy
    August 21, 2013

    Too bad she didn’t leave tips on her work out routine, her body is banging!

    • MsAidyl
      August 21, 2013

      hahaha. she has some badass curves i know! Cameroon stand up! lol

    • Brenda (@YesBrendaCan)
      August 22, 2013

      Hahaha, Thanks Lucy. I actually have a long 2 part post on my blog on what I do to try and maintain my shape!

  • nana ama
    August 22, 2013

    Dear ,am short of words Wooooow it was a nice interview n i lyk d way u answered. U look good, gorgeous, stunning n intelligent. Keep it up I luv n lyk everything….♥♥♥♥♥

    • Brenda (@YesBrendaCan)
      August 23, 2013

      Aww thank you!

    • MsAidyl
      August 23, 2013

      Hi Nana Ama. That’s avery nice thing to say. I try to inspire readers with these features. am glad you love Miss Brenda:)

  • winniethefashionista
    August 23, 2013

    She’s also sweet,real and down to earth! Very fun poses and great style. 🙂 At least she replies to emails!

    • MsAidyl
      August 23, 2013

      yea she’s got a very lovable personality 🙂

  • claudia tausi
    August 23, 2013

    Love Love Love some of the prints this girl is rocking! Cool interesting mix of colors aswell

    • MsAidyl
      August 23, 2013

      i’d love to get my hands on some of her ankara dresses. gorge.

  • Stylefash
    August 26, 2013

    She rocks anything she wears so effortlessly… And she’s got a very bubbly personality.


  • Amanda Beatriz
    August 31, 2013

    Linda demais adorei!

  • What’s up, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  • Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images
    on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its
    a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be
    greatly appreciated.

  • Kay Naija
    August 9, 2014

    She’s effortlessly beautiful. Everything fits her, damn hot!


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