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Today’s Style Diary is the very edgy Abi Ogun. I’ll let her do the talking.

My name is Abimbola, originally from Nigeria but currently reside in High Wycombe, England. Currently I work for The Perfume shop as an Allocator. I studied Business Economics at the University of Bradford. My passion is fashion and beauty and I was lucky enough to get my dream job in the industry that I wanted. I’ll love to have own little boutique one day. I love dancing, reading and cooking. My favourite colour is yellow, I’m obsessed with yellow. 

My dressing style depends on my mood, how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I like cute, unique and edgy style, I like standing out in the crowd, really don’t like looking like everyone else. I love vintage, preppy chic and grunge edgy look, Bright colours too, bright, neon in your face colours. I hardly wear dresses. I’m really into skater Skirts at the moment. 
I love H & M, River Island, Top Shop, American Apparel, Miss Selfridge, Mango and Republic. 

Don’t overdo it, when it comes to Makeup, go for the simple natural look and it possible go bare face at least twice a week, let your skin breath… heavy makeup on a daily basis clog up your pores and make sure you don’t go to sleep with makeup and EXFOLIATE. I hardly ever wear makeup and if I do, it’s just sheer foundation and mascara with lipstick. You know what they say ‘’less is more’’ 

 My favourite make up brand is Estee Lauder; I don’t own any Mac products. People find this hard to believe but I have never actually owned any Mac products. 

My best features are, I would say my eyes and maybe my Lips. I love pink lipsticks, I have all the shades of pink you can think of .
Favourite bloggers: Mayo Wo from and Camille Co from Camille Tries to Blog. I want to raid their closest, amazing, simple yet original. 

 Best music tracks: It’s a tie between John Legend – Everybody knows and Kelly Rowland – Heaven and Earth 

 Best trend: The 2 piece outfit look, where the blazer matches the trouser or the short or the skirt, very classy. 

 I’m just starting to embrace the whole ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ thing, I use to hide behind baggy clothing, now I’m starting to embrace my curves and showing it off a little bit more. I get flustered when people comment about it, I get self-conscious. 

11. If my life was a movie, the title will be A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SHOPAHOLIC and I would play me .

5 must haves:

-A little white dress,

-Black Blazer,

-white Tees,

-pencil skirt

-and Black court shoe (Not kitten heels) 

-If my house was on fire, I would grab my good shoe, the one that goes with everything. Took me months to find the perfect .

-Style icons- Camille Co and Solange Knowles 

Best quote: ‘’Why Blend in, when you can stand out’’ 

My blog is and my YouTube is 

Certainly loving your edgy looks Abi. What about you? How would you rate Abi?

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Style Diary: Abi O

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