Spring Trends For 2015

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Like every season, with Spring just around the corner we have to consider which fashion trends are going to take over this year. So far, it looks like a romantic, breezy air is going to take over wardrobes this Spring of 2015. A fresh set of prints, androgynous influences, and luxurious fabrics, will all be present and visible on runways, as well as at local shopping centres this year.

Online catalogues are also a great place to check out the latest trends with many top brands now featuring in them as well as well-known celebrities endorsing their own products.

In terms of the colours, it seems as if a fresh new colour palette is going to take over this year as well. If you like vintage, a 70s style seems to be making a comeback. The hippie frock and long skirts are going to be seen all over this spring season.


A romantic Bohemian style is also one which will be prominent this year. Flowing, dreamy silhouettes are sure to be seen in the upcoming season.

Cool denim is also in. Overworked, embellished, washed out, faded, you will see it all. From torn jeans, to a jean skirt, dress, or jacket, denim is a prominent style for the season.


Androgynous tailoring will help bring together the romance and delicate style, by re-establishing what chic and modern look like. Masculine influences are going to be highly visible in women’s clothing, along with asymmetrical hems to help balance out the different styles.

For Spring 2015, designers are honing in on gingham prints. From girly silhouettes to boyish cuts, gingham is bound to make a great Spring comeback this 2015.

Spring is typically one of the hottest fashion seasons, and is always a season in which we are looking for the bright pastels and airy colours. Although this isn’t completely far from the truth this year, it seems as if a new, more modern style is also going to ring forth this year as well. With new influences, with a distinct style, and with several influences from other eras, you will surely see a distinct mix of styles popping up, within the next few weeks.

Also keep an eye out for statement stripes and lots of featherfringe!

Excited about trends this Spring?

I want to try fringe, statement stripes & bohemian!

What about you?



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  • Dana Fashina
    April 13, 2015

    I’m loving the statement stripes & fringe trend.
    I’ll take that & androgyny and fall back on everything else.
    I’m such a grandma :p

  • moonstone34
    April 14, 2015

    I’m loving the 70’s revival, especially the return of the flared pants!!

    xo, Jackie

  • J
    April 14, 2015

    Rita I need your MUA and Stylist in my life. Rockx en blanc.
    Loving all styles for spring/

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