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I only started using Soap & Glory products about six months ago but I must admit I am addicted to the core! Soap & Glory makes the best skincare and cosmetic products that I have tried so far. The first product I tried was the Clean on Me creamy shower gel. I have not been able to stop using that shower gel ever since!
Soap & Glory is proof that beauty products can be beautifully packaged, affordable and do what they promise all at the same time. The Soap & Glory brand is a vintage-inspired beauty product range. It was started by Bliss spa founder Marcia Kilgore. It is popular for its pink and flirty-feel packaging and cheeky pun-intended product names such as Glow Job, Clean of England, The Firminator and Sexy Mother Pucker just to name a few.
WHAT I LOVE about Soap & Glory is the personal feel you get from these products. You instantly feel attached to the brand the moment you introduce yourself to it. It is probably the cheeky yet ‘punny’ brand messaging that every container carries that just make you feel like you are talking to Marcia (the founder) herself! This is one of the most brilliantly-packaged products I’ve ever used. The unique smell of the products makes them impossible to resist. I once heard someone describe the Righteous Butter as ‘…almost good enough to eat!’ 
TRIED & TRUE Soap & Glory products I have used. The Clean on Me shower gel is one of my favourites. It left my skin feeling moisturized and the bonus is that it comes with in-built lotion. And it smells amazing. Even though it costs £5.11 in Boots stores, it is totally worth every penny. Plus it is 500ml and a little goes a long way. And did |I mention how awesome it smells?  The Righteous Butter does a good job of keeping the moisture in after my showers. I cannot get enough of this butter to be honest! And just like all the other Soap & Glory products the smell is fabulous. The only disadvantage with this butter is that it is a bit pricey ( £10.21 in Boots) so as much as I want to soak myself with this glorious butter, I have to be cautious and use it sparingly. 
A range of Soap & Glory products
 The Hand Food, Heel Genius and Scrub Your Nose In It Facial scrub are also Soap & Glory I enjoy. I have read a lot of good reviews on the Sugar Crush so I will be trying that one out next.
WHAT’S NEW? The Soap & Glory range products for men! Yes, it is absolutely true. Soap and Glory have recently introduced a feel-good range of beauty products so that your boyfriend or husband can stop nicking your supply! Of course, I have not tried these but I am very sure they are as good as the other Soap & Glory products. And They MUST smell lovely too!
Soap & Glory Men's


The Soap and Glory Big Beauty Bundle sale  is currently going on at Boots.
Welcome the latest arrival in the Soap & Glory Bundle family…….Soap & Glory Big Beauty Bundle! Filled with 10 fantastic Soap & Glory products including Night in Shining Armour, Sugar Crush and Dr Spot, the bundle is worth over £80* when items purchased individually, only £35 while stocks last!
Bundle includes:
  • Sugar Crush 450 ml
  • Dr Spot 15 ml
  • Eye Maintenance/ Moisturising Eye Gel 15 ml (Supereyes Supereyes)
  • Return to Slender Body Contouring Gel 200 ml (The Firminator)
  • Slimwear Peptide Balm 190 ml
  • Mighty Mouth Gorgeous Lips Kit 2 x 4g, 9 ml
  • Marvelips Colour, Shine & Shaping Crayon 4.5g
  • Night In Shining Armour 50 ml
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Plum 7 ml
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Clear 7 ml
    Soap & Glory Big Beauty Bundle Offer
     There is also the 3 For 2 ( Buy 2 get the 3rd one free) offer currently going on at Boots on most Soap & Glory products. So for those of you who have never tried it before this would be the perfect time. For those of us who have now become addicted to Soap & Glory, I say grab a bargain!
    Soap & Glory 3 For 2 Offers on these products.


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