Six Style Tips For Every Curvy Woman.

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With the International day of the women here, I thought to myself what better way to celebrate women than by appreciating what makes women what they are. And what else? Curves, duh!
Yes, curves. And not the silky hair, or voluminous lashes, or the most perfect mani – pedis. It’s all about the curves. They define the very essence of womanhood. Gone are the days when glossy mags and tv ads seemed biased against the curvy woman. Ironically women who wear sizes 12 to 20 (UK size )  form the majority of the world’s female population. If curvy women outnumber the rest of  the female population, then whichever designers decided to snob them, if not sick upstairs, is really terrible at math or business. Considering the fact that they are a large market to target… Anywhoo, like I said, gone are those days. More ‘realistic’ and ‘everyday’  women are being used on more and more brand campaigns and magazine spreads. Clothing brands like Rue114, Monif C and Asos Curve are making curvy ladies more than happy.
But some ladies have got a whole of curves that overwhelm them when it comes to styling up those curve to their advantage.
If you’re curvy or have got a curvy friend, sister, cousin, baby mama or any females at all, just share this post with them.
They might not be doing bad in the style department still they could learn a thing or two.
So without leaving out my size 0 sisters, hence in the same spirit, let’s give it up for women all over the world!

Tip #1. Keep it Cinched.

A cinch is a curvy girl’s best bet to give the perfectly balanced out silhouette in an outfit. A belt or wrap strategically placed just on the abdomen (just below the boob area) will have that hour glass effect. A cinch in achieves that instant trim that makes other features stand out. Notice that almost every girl on this post will be wearing an outfit with a cinch at the waist. A belt helps bring out features and create shape in an otherwise block dress. That is the first rule to looking good in your curves: Cinch it in!
Notice how the belt helps bring out her figure. without the belt she would be hiding under that dress.



Tip #2. It’s A Wrap.

Curvy girls, wrap dresses are your thing! So how does this work in your favour? Well, wrap dresses, work around your figure and are fitting without being ‘too clingy.’ Which means you can show off your best assets without feeling insecure about how tight or ill-fitting the dress feels. Wrap dresses do need a good support system though, so remember to pair them with the right bra and under garments. And what’s more, the wrap dress has an in-built cinch at the waist so it gives you that perfect silhouette!
Wrap dress from Monif C clothing range.
Notice she didn't use any belt to cinch in her figure. That's because the wrap dress already does that for you.

Tip #3. Ditch That Old Time Religion.

Curvy girls shouldn’t wear mini skirts. Curvy girls should only wear black. Curvy girls can’t rock strapless dresses. Curvy girls can’t wear colour. Curvy girls can’t…Who says? If you’re curvy you’ve probably heard similar or even more ridiculous things. Well, what I think is, if you’re ever going to feel good in your own skin you’ll have to ditch all these old stereotypes. The truth is anybody can wear anything, as long they are wearing it the right way for their body types. For example, curvy girls shouldn’t wear bodycon mini skirts because it does nothing for them. What they should wear is a mini pleated skirt which would do amazing things to their frame.
This skirt works for her body frame because it makes her look sexy without being tight. Also she has worn it high-waisted with a belt at the waist which always works.

create that 'figure eight' silhouette with a belt over your skirt.
Because black is slimming, doesn’t mean curvy girls should only wear black. Plus size girls can colour-block without looking atrocious. The secret is to know which clothes and shapes work best for a curvier frame. For example, even though slipping on a t-shirt over a pair of jeans is always the easy way out, I can assure you it does absolutely nothing for a curvy frame. Ironically, with curvy women, more is less. Which means, say no to turtlenecks and tops with a round neck which will only make your shoulders appear broader. Blouses with a deep V plunge neck or halter tops work best for a curvy frame. This is because the create a trim illusion and detract from the shoulder area.
Toccara Jones wears a dress with a deep plunge.
Without a waist cinch this blouse gives the illusion of a cinch because of the cut.

Tip #4. Max it Out.

Maxi dresses and skirts are great for a curvy frame. They can be dressy or casual and can be styled anyway you want.
Ezzie blocks her maxi skirt so well.
Ezzie sure does look good in a maxi.

Tip #5. Out With The Wide

When it comes to trousers, curvy girls please stay away from wide-legged trousers. Wide legged trousers will only add to a wider frame and make you appear shorter that you actually are. Instead stick to slim trousers or high-waisted trousers that will add length to your body frame and show off some nice pair of heels.

skinny jeans


you can also wear different colour trousers and still look svelte.

Jumpsuits are a curvy girl’s best friend. Notice how the jumpsuits below have a tie wrap attached to them. This is designed to enhance a curvy figure.

Kim certainly knows what works for her curvy body.

Tip #6. Keep it Classy.

Above everything, plus sized women should keep it classy yet fresh. Women with curves will almost always be mistaken to be much older than they actually are. Because of this, it is vital that they stay away from clothes that age them even more. Stay away from frumpy t-shirts, elephant-legged trousers, boring mumus and blouses that look like they were made from your nan’s curtains. You want your fun personality shine through your style.

And who says you can’t wear a bodycon dress? Check her out!

That’s it guys  Did you find this helpful? Express it in the comments section below. happy women’s day to y’all. And as for all my curvy goddesses, keep those heads turning!
Peace n Love.
Holla :p



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  • kiara
    March 8, 2012

    thanks for this
    this post is really helpful for my research on styling curvy ladies
    now i can go ahead and make her try on some pieces
    she may just feature on the next “style diary”

  • Fonsa Mercy
    March 9, 2012

    M’a beaucoup inspiré. Merci de faire ce que tu fais. Bisous!

  • sharel
    April 11, 2012

    omg! thank you so much i’ve been trying to look for a prom dress to suite me. xxx

  • tikimimi
    April 16, 2012

    I love some of the outfits on here. Great post luv! Now to pray I get a curvy lady on ur Style Diaries…

  • Isiah
    April 10, 2013

    Hi, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post. It was funny.
    Keep on posting! Isiah

  • Mobu85
    January 9, 2014

    Great article,
    I really like the jumpsuit that the model had on. do you know where I can find that at.

    • MsAidyl
      January 9, 2014

      The jumpsuit is from from Monif C
      They might not have the same style in stock though as this from 2 years ago:( But they sure do have hotter similar looks 🙂

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