Sequins: A Night To Remember

December is usually is usually that time of the year when we usually have the most parties and functions to attend. Sometimes it’s hard and takes hours to think up a single ensemble for just one night out not to talk of thinking up several outfits for all the times you’ll have to be stepping out to some amazing party. So if you’re stumped for ideas why not try this going for a beaded (sequined) piece. They are classy, they stand out and very few people will be wearing your dress! Going for the beaded look might be very daunting especially if you are one who is used to hiding in the background with all those neutral colours. But sequins, and beads and glitter and shimmer are ,in my opinion, for the brave and the beautiful. If you dare to stand out then this is the look you absolutely have to go for. Also, some sequined dresses and other clothing items are quite pricey (depending on how much bedazzling has been done on it) that’s why they are for that special night to remember. Because of this, I think they should be worn sparingly. Invest in one lovely sequined number, and when you are ready, take it out for a night you will never forget. So here is my beaded/sequined lookbook to give you an idea on how to blow those minds off with your shining hotness.  An added bonus (which is also a tip for how to wear sequins) is that you do NOT need jewellery when wearing sequins because the whole look already has enough sparkle.
A sequined dress will work wonders if you are looking for a grande entrance.
Kerry Washington

Jennifer Lopez
Flaviana Matata. Miss Universe 2007 from Tanzania rocks a minimalist look but the sequins make all the difference she needs.
Michelle Williams
Zoe Saldana makes a statement in this striking green beaded dress

Pair your dress with stylish tights for an eclectic look.


Look cool and cosy in your dress even while rocking your favourite pair of flats.
Simply stunning.
Amber Heard
Olivia Wilde looks like a dream in this.

Play it up with a colourful number
 You can also add a little spark to your outfit by wearing a sequined top.
A sequined top will still pop out even when hidden under a jacket

Alexa Chung
Use your favourite sequined top to turn a casual look into effortless cool.
Mary-Kate Olsen
A sequined mini skirt never did anybody any harm.
A gold mini sequined skirt instantly pops

paired with sequined skirt, this casual t-shirt look turns glam

Got a classic t-shirt? Ditch the fancy jeans and try pairing it with a pair of sequined trousers.
Notice how the only the sequined trousers glam up her look.

those leggings are to die for.
pure class.

 Add a jacket for effect.

Notice how most of these looks did not include any neck jewellery? That’s because the sequined garment is a jewel on its own. It’s entirely up to you though if you want to add some pieces to your ensemble. As long as you’re getting it right!
Have fun shopping for that sequined item. Or if you’ve got one already, have a night to remember in them!
Which look is your favourite of all these sequined looks? Get talkin’!
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  • Tiki
    December 9, 2011

    This is a nice trend, one which I like very much because as you rightly said, a sequinned outfit doesnt need as much accessorising! However I’m skeptical on how sequins will look on a plus-size girl like me. Whaddaya think? Could I rock it, or is it better I find something more likely to celebrate my curves? 🙂

    • MsAidyl
      December 9, 2011

      of course you can! i will post pics of curvier ladies rocking sequins for demonstration purposes 😉

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Sequins: A Night To Remember

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