Seminyak: Local Attractions to Check Out

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If you are planning your next holiday with Bali as your chosen destination, you simply must check out Seminyak, a beach resort town on the west coast of the island. North of Legian, Seminyak offers the tourist stunning beaches, and it is generally regarded as the boutique and spa capital of Bali, which makes for a great pampering holiday.

Upmarket and Luxurious

This is where you will find the first-class resorts, with stunning Seminyak villas that are very affordable, and if you like fine cuisine, the many restaurants in this resort town never fail to impress. If you like clothes shopping, this is the destination for you, with stylish batik designs that are handmade locally, and you can buy some great gifts for the whole family.


Fantastic Nightlife

There are top-notch nightclubs and discos in Seminyak and the neighbouring towns of Legian and Kuta, which are only down the coast a little way. You can dance the night away and then breakfast on the beach, where you can experience amazing sunrises while sunning yourself on some of the best beaches that Bali has to offer.


The Best Bali Boutiques


The streets of Seminyak are lined with stylish local boutiques that offer a wealth of stunning outfits, not to mention silver jewellery, and with some of the best eateries on the island, you can lunch in style before continuing to browse the many small independent boutiques.


Horse Riding and Scuba Diving 

There’s no shortage of adventure activities when you holiday in Seminyak, and you can sample the amazing marine life with snorkelling and scuba diving, and if you fancy exploring the surrounding countryside, horse riding is always available.


Getting Around

The best way to move around is to rent a motorcycle, which enables you to weave in and out of the many cars, and rental is very reasonable indeed. Rent by the day, week, or even month and you will have transport to explore the area, and like anywhere, you should drive with caution, as traffic weaves in and out in what might seem like a totally random way.


World Class Spas

This side of Bali offers the very best if you want to pamper your body in luxurious surroundings, and a spa visit is the ideal treatment after a night of dancing in some of the best nightspots around. Whether you are staying in a hotel, or one of the luxurious villas, they all have in-house spa services, and the prices are around 50% less than you’d pay at home.

If you want a relaxing holiday with a wide range of activities, then Seminyak is the destination for you, and most tourists return to this paradise setting on the Indian Ocean, as it is a little slice of paradise that always impresses.

There are online resorts where you can book luxurious villas, but make sure you book early, as this area of Bali is very popular, especially in the high season. Bali has always been a popular holiday destination for Australians, and by spending your downtime in sunny Seminyak, you will have everything you need for a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

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Seminyak: Local Attractions to Check Out

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