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We all know that I am no beauty expert. My BFF is an expert makeup artist and we spend a lot of time every week chatting to each other about makeup tips, quick beauty fixes, recent buys and our favourite lip colours. She lives miles away from me in a different continent and sometimes it can get hard to actually know what the other person is talking about without seeing each other.

An app that has made our chats far more fun and enjoyable is the PicPal app. ‘Girls just wanna take selfies’ and this app has made it ten times more fun for us! Imagine posing for a group selfie with your friends no matter what location they are. That’s a selfie without limits. That’s PicPal.

Selfie-lovers no longer need to have their friends around for a photo session. Picpal makes it possible to take joint selfies regardless of one’s location.

This new app ‘Picpal’ is developed by a Texas-based company MyndBee, co-founded by an Indian-American Mahesh Rajagopalan, and has been officially launched on iOS and Android devices.

Picpal makes it possible by bringing together everyone at the same time to form a selfie collage no matter where in the world you are.


Picpal users can invite up to three friends to take their selfies along with you. They will have up a good to 24 hours to respond to your Picpal request and send across their selfies to you.

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If like me you love editing your photos before sharing them, don’t fret.  PicPal has got you covered! The selfies can be retaken or edited using the in-built photo editor tools. You can also add text on your selfie to describe your mood. “PicPal combines social media, real-time collages, and the ever important selfie into one App,” Myndbee said.

Rajagopalan said, “With Picpal, we’ve created an authentic experience, connecting friends and families more intimately in real-time, no matter where they are,” The app will compile all the selfies together into a single collage that will appear in your Picpal gallery.

Each collage is jointly created with your friends, which can be shared within the app or on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. PicPal users can then ‘like’ or ‘heart’ your new group selfie or leave comments under it. Users begin by connecting to their Facebook account, and can invite friends via Facebook or text message.

This is the first app to take social sharing into the world of social content creation. It turns your selfies into creative photos and collages you can enjoy in the future as real time photos. However, if your friends don’t respond within an allotted time frame (24 hours) the collage expires.


My tip is to get as many friends as you can on your PicPal. Why not? It’s free. Plus it’s a lot more fun.

The app is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

*I partnered with PicPal to write this article but every opinion is mine.

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