The Perfect Colour for Your Homecoming Dress

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Choosing the perfect colour for your homecoming dress can be quite challenging with many elegant dresses to choose from in brick-and-mortar stores and online. One of the first tips before shopping for a homecoming dress is knowing and setting your budget, in addition to knowing the season, and the colour of your hair and skin tone. 
Because homecoming dresses come in many styles – from short to long and beaded to lace, as well as many other styles from halter top dresses, pants dresses, and fitted dresses, the type of dress depends on the young woman’s age, hair colour, and skin tone, and the school that organises the specific event. Typically, seniors in high school and alumni in college prepare for such an event as the homecoming. In any case, another important tip to know before going shopping for your homecoming dress is the season the event will be held.

Depending on the season of your upcoming homecoming, you’ll have a wide selection of dress colours to choose from. Just take a long at the 2017 designer homecoming dresses at Peaches Boutique. Peaches Boutique offers customers every style and colour you can think of, and for every season or occasion. Check various collections online and in local stores near you so you will also have plenty of dresses to choose from.
So, when shopping for your homecoming dress, there are many factors to consider in choosing the perfect colour that brings out the beauty in you in every way, from head to toe. Here are three tips in choosing the perfect colour to bring out your personality:

  • Choose the perfect colour to allow your hair to shine.
  • Skin tone is important when choosing the colour of your homecoming dress.
  • The colour of your homecoming dress should match the theme of the season, with the consideration of the colour of your hair and the undertone of your skin.

Other factors to consider when shopping for your homecoming dress is the colour that you plan on painting your nails, the colour of your lipstick, and the colour of the outfit that your date would be wearing. It would be ideal if your date will be wearing an outfit that complements your dress. 

Tips on shopping for your homecoming dress to complement your hair, depending on the season:

  • Red, orange, coral, emerald, peacock, neutral tones, tan, taupe are perfect colours for blondes.
  • Colours mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory are perfect for individuals who have luxurious red hair.
  • Different shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange homecoming dresses will look lovely on brunettes.

Tips on shopping for your homecoming dress to match the undertone colour of your skin:

  • If you have cool undertones (blue, pink, reddish to purplish or rose), then consider shopping for homecoming dresses in shades of blue and green to match your skin undertone.
  • The colours red and yellow are perfect for those who have a warmer skin undertone.

Take note of all the tips we’ve discussed and ensure that you choose the right colour for your dress.

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The Perfect Colour for Your Homecoming Dress

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