OOTD: Wearing My Heart On My Bosom

I usually say TGIF and don’t really mean it but this time I really really mean it; Thank God It’s Friday! This week has felt extremely long for me. Maybe it’s because it’s the last week of the month and I’m eager to move on to a new and fresh month with lots of opportunities. Or most likely it could be that I’ve not been able to get on with all my blogging, editing and uploading as planned because my laptop has refused to cooperate. In fact the whole episode just gives me malaria plus. Why now? My whole life is bloody documented on that thing.  KMT. 

I’ll have to keep this post short and void of any of my anecdotes as I am using a kind friend’s lappy. My outfit of the day is a casual chic look. I got this casual top from H&M like 3 months ago and have only worn it twice. But I like how playful it seems with the huge heart on the front. I’ve been into bright suit trousers lately. I got three from Asos the other day. This is one them. This one is in a jelly bean green and I lurvvv it to pieces. It just stands out. My clutch is very own faithful ol’ River Island baby. It’s practically the only clutch I own at the moment. And I claim I’m a clutch girl? smh. I always say I’ll get some but I can never find the ones I like. I love my clutches like my men; huge, bold and rare. Okay, the huge part sounds ambiguous. 

Moving on.


Top- H&M (Sold out but similar here)

Trousers -Asos ( Sold out)

Pointed courts-Dune (similar here or even better here)

Clutch – River Island 


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OOTD: Wearing My Heart On My Bosom

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