OOTD: Suit Up, Look Sharp

grey suit 5 a

I swear after holidays I always feel like taking a break from social media while I try to catch up with normalcy again. My Instagram feed (@artbecomesyou) is making me feel all kinds of guilty. Everyone is looking svelte and toned! I’m like, what did they have for Christmas?! I know I had everything. I mean literally ANYTHING I could lay hands on. I know. What was I thinking? Anyhooo, I am not one for resolutions. I promised myself not to get into the mess called resolutions this year. Yes, they are messy. Cause you make them. Then you don’t keep them. Then you break them. Then the year runs out and you feel crappy about your underachiever arsy self. Bye to that life!

One thing I do promise though: more rants 😉

I thought it would be befitting to start this year with a suit as I am working on being the boss of me 🙂 Suit up, look sharp is what I was going for. Adding a pop of colour to my work essentials. The suit is in a very light grey colour so I added a pop of colour with this thrifted tie neck blouse. 

Grey striped suit – Planet

Blouse – Thrifted at Cow Vintage Birmingham

Watch – Armani Exchange

Heels – Cabo 120 mm Louboutin Pumps

Bag – L.Credi

grey suit 7 grey suit 8 a

grey suit 15grey suit 6 agrey suit 9 a

This pouting is getting out of hand y’all. Help me #FixIt.

grey suit 14 agrey suit 10 a grey suit 11 grey suit 12 a grey suit 13     grey suit 4 agrey suit 18

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