OOTD: Relaxed & Buttoned-Down

A lot has happened this year which has made me reflect on a few things differently.


As a family, there’s been a lot of loss which has had emotional and physical setbacks especially when life just has to go on. It gets really tough. I’ve received lots of messages about grieving and other people sharing their stories with me but I’ve not had the courage yet to write about losing my Dad earlier this year on the blog. We had put off going on holiday after all the emotional turmoil and with Mathew also being bereaved just before the trip but then changed our minds and decided that there was no point putting things off. Moments are fleeting and need to be treasured. I was a little nervous especially as October is my Dad’s birthday month…But I’m glad we did. I’ve had time away from the noise of commuting, constantly working, doing endless chores…time which I haven’t had since to actually sit down and take everything in.

I feel grateful and inspired. I have received a few questions on how I’m managing and coping and to be honest, everyone copes in their own way. But I’ve put together a blog post on the entire topic and hopefully, someone finds it helpful.

It’s a bit long and I didn’t want to collate it to this post. All I wanted to say was thanks to everyone who’s sent me their condolences. I know I’ve never mentioned this on the blog and also probably did not get back to everyone but I APPRECIATE your kind-hearted gestures.

Blessings and XOXOs



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OOTD: Relaxed & Buttoned-Down

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