OOTD Rant: Where Do You Take Your Pictures?

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This Outfit Of The Day comes with a question for all fashion bloggers (#Fbloggers) and style bloggers that surf these parts of the interwebs…

Where do you take your pictures?

Sometimes, a blogger will tweet something like “Scouting for outfit locations,” and I’d go, I must be the laziest blogger around. The only time I shoot in a nice location is if I’m on holiday. I have never gone out of my way to seek out locations to experiment with.Β 

I mean I want to.

Many times, I walk past a stunning backdrop, beautiful wall, nice etc and think that would make for fantastic photos! But I am just never able to make it when I need to.

Also my husband Mathew, is having none of that. He takes all of my outfit photos and I have to talk him into it. LOL! It’s outside our flat or nothing at all. Β This article on the IFBΒ Are Blogger Photographer Boyfriends Even Happy Taking Our Photos is funny but true! Admittedly, once we get going, he gets right into it and gets all Hollywood Director on me… πŸ˜‰ We live right right in the middle of town so these archaic, tall buildings will forever be my backdrop, until we move that is.

Where do you shoot your photos? Who shoots you? Are they always happy to do it?

A lot of people use tripods so there are endless possibilities. I have never tried one though and I’m thinking of getting one.Β 

**This outfit was taken and scheduled for Valentine’s Day but I did not post the pictures nor go out in it because we didn’t like this dress! Oh well, it doesn’t look half as bad two weeks later.Β 

I was going for a non-traditional red dress in a non-traditional silhouette and got this…


Peplum Jacquard Dress – Asos

High heel strappy slingback sandals – Zara


Happy midweek!! πŸ˜‰ <3



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  • Shauna Swartz
    March 4, 2015

    I am in the same boat! My husband usually takes mine outside of our house, but occasionally, if I know we’re going somewhere with nice surroundings, I’ll have him take them there. But, like you said, I can’t talk him into going out of our way to take pictures!

  • Style-Lee
    March 4, 2015

    Am loving this dress, don’t talk about the hair, so fabulous. Usually, my activities determines where my photos are taken, that is if am going to blog about it. So locations would be on site (activity), in and around my neighborhood or at home. The photos would be taken by who am in company with or if am at home, a family member.

  • Mojisola Obazuaye
    March 4, 2015

    You look fantastic Lydie. The colours are gorgeous together.
    I work with a photographer ☺
    Cheers, Mojisola

  • moonstone34
    March 4, 2015

    Cute dress, the colour is beautiful on you. And those heels are killer.
    I’m in the same boat either my husband or my brother take my pictures. During the winter I rarely scout for pictures because it’s so bitterly cold out. During the summer we try to find cool places to take pictures, but I will say my brother has more patience than my hubby. lol!

    xo, jackie

  • Mirabili Vestium
    March 4, 2015

    Depends on the outfit. Since I usually weer urban, ?I choose obviously urban location, preferring a clean, lightly-colored background, or one with colors that will “backup” the colors of the outfit:) Generally, the more blurred is the background, the better, unless it is a picturesque street, Paris style:)

  • Dana Fashina
    March 4, 2015

    So true yet so cute!

    I definitely scout for locations because my city is just too crowded to be displacing people because I wanna take a picture.
    Also, I scout because I really am looking for clean, structured backgrounds, they just work with my minimalist style.

    Sometimes I go with my other blogger friend and we shoot each other, sometimes we use her photographer, sometimes (the more impromptu shoots), I use just my tripod which I ALWAYS have on deck with me.

    My BF actually wants to shoot me but i’m not having that. I will not be distracted. It’s just harder to do my ‘thing’ if he’s around.
    I’m weird like that.

  • alice
    March 4, 2015

    Lovely dress!
    I am single and I love alone,so I actually prop my phone on a stack of books on a chair and take photos like that. If I’m at my parents house, then I can typically get my dad or sister to take them for me hahaha. but yeah, it is difficult!

  • kathrineeldridge1
    March 4, 2015

    What a gorgeous dress! I take my pictures during the winter outside my house. I have a photographer so when it gets warm we try to find cool spost locally. She works in downtown Chicago so sometimes I go down there which alway yields amazing locations. πŸ™‚ It’s hard to get creative sometimes.


  • fashionandstylepolice
    March 4, 2015

    You look great. I take my pictures outside our house most times.

  • Tailored and true
    March 4, 2015

    Haha I continually fight taking pictures in ugly locations that are convenient… sometimes I give in πŸ˜› Love your shoes!


  • Naeun
    March 5, 2015

    Wow that dress is a stunner! And it goes perfectly with those blue heels πŸ™‚ Interesting post as well, I’m not too fussed about scouting for locations but my boyfriend and I just take photos if we’re driving past somewhere and think it’ll look good on camera πŸ™‚ xx


  • An Afrikan Butterfly
    March 5, 2015

    Shoe game always on fleek! ?

  • Lora by Lora
    March 5, 2015

    First and foremost, I love your outfit and those shoes are insanely cute.
    I take my photos on our balcony ha ha or our garden and yes, its usually a struggle with my hubby but he does it to make me happy. Now my mother is around so she will be doing most of the photography. But its also a struggle showing her how to hold the camera and where to press.

    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. Now I know I’m not the only one with a tough cookie of a husband

    • Art Becomes You
      March 5, 2015

      Oh my, I completely forgot about that. There is also the struggle of telling them where to press, where the flash is etc…:(

  • raybekah
    March 5, 2015

    Your hair!

  • Scott Mitchell
    March 5, 2015

    Lovely outfit and good article. I have to check out that article about boyfriends haha. Now that I think about it, I do know a lot of models that have their guy doing the photography and I just always assumed they loved doing it since I love shooting. Anyway, I think your shooting location is always nice, especially since all the focus is on the outfit. Street shots are always good for fashion

    • Art Becomes You
      March 5, 2015

      hahahahaha, trust me Scott, half the time they are moaning. But they still do it out of love. Bless them lol.

  • The Fashion Marionnette
    March 5, 2015

    At the beginning, my husband took photos of me for my blog. But it was really not his thing, so we would end up coming home almost not talking to each other. If I wanted to keep my husband & continue writing my blog, I needed to find a photographer. So I did. Two of them. They are full of ideas for locations all over Paris, but I just want to do it near my place so I can change easily.
    P.S. This dress looks gorgeous on you. You should take it out more this spring. ❀️

    • Art Becomes You
      March 5, 2015

      hahahaha omg. My husband used to moan a lot at first but he is getting the hang of it now. You’re lucky to have two photogs working with you πŸ™‚ thanks for the comments.

      • The Fashion Marionnette
        March 5, 2015

        It’s easier to work with professionals. It takes less time. And I get what I wanted. The only thing is – it costs money. ???

  • neutrallystreet
    March 5, 2015

    my boyfriend sometimes takes mine or my photographer friend, but i mostly use my tripod πŸ™‚ haha

  • otdsg
    March 5, 2015

    Love the dress and heels combo! πŸ™‚ Usually we take OOTDs of people on the streets in the day and on a bridge near the pubs and clubs at night! That the fastest and easiest way to find people for OOTD features on our blog.

  • infashionitrust
    March 5, 2015

    ok, so i basically NEED those shoes in my damn closet! gahhh! and girl…yea when I hear of people scouting for locations im over here like *insert cup of tea and grog emoji* i do none of that haha. maybe im being lazy, maybe i should start but yea if I just so happen to come across a nice area im like…ooo, pic time!

  • Cheryl
    March 5, 2015

    lol love this post. I struggle with location . I want to be able to take it in many nice places in town without the akward stares from people. and hahahaha about the boyfriend being photogrpaher article. I feel sorry for mine sometimes . we make sure to take at least 10 outfits(which ends of being 5 ) since we don;t leave in the same city so i make use of a free photographer and have photos in my photo bank. I have a tripod too and a remote but that thing is too difficult mehnnn.:(…lOVE THAT PINK DRESS !

  • MercyK
    March 8, 2015

    So true. I see other bloggers’ pictures and always wonder where they take the pictures. Like how do they even know that background is perfect for that outfit? As for me, all my pictures are taken around my apartment or if i am going somewhere, then i have the luxury of taking the pictures at a different location.

    Lol…i can totally relate. And i haven’t even been blogging for long oh…#thestruggle.

  • samuelwthomas
    March 10, 2015

    Such a cute look! Love the pink paired with the blue, so good with your skin tone.
    For me, the location of my photos varies. Sometimes I want a classical backdrop to contrast an edgier outfit, so I’ll find some gorgeous architecture; but other times I like a gritty urban scene, so I go graffiti hunting. More often than not I just work with what is around me. If you reduce the camera’s depth of field you can get pretty good booked (technical word for blur), so the background can be irrelevant.
    Samuel xx

  • Filomena Mairosse
    March 14, 2015

    Well, I’m too much of a control freak to let someone else take my pictures I think lol plus I might be a little too embarrassed to have someone else see my “process” so I just take them myself. I don’t have tripod yet (gonna get one soon) so setting up my camera is a really hilarious yet time consuming part of my process. I am the queen of makeshift set ups that include tables, chairs, books and hair brushes (yes, hair brushes) to set up my camera so I do scout out locations for my posts because I take the pictures myself and I know I can make a “stand” for my camera out of anything. Takes a lot more time though and you have to get creative with hiding your remote.


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