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One good thing about being on holiday is that for photo-holics like myself, you get to snap a tonne of pictures that you can always keep and use later on rainy days. The downside, is going through all of these backlog of photos. It’s just hours of sifting through random, blurry, good and bad shots…

I managed to filter through a few shots from two days ago when we stepped out to visit the Alicante Plaza Del Mar mall. The weather was crazy hot so I flashed my pins (legs) as always.

All we’ve booen doing is walk, eat, swim and sleep. So I’ve had the chance to sample all of my favourite flats. especially these red suede lace up flats. Love them!

We leave tomorrow so I can’t stay on for longer! Gotta make the most of our last few rays of sunshine before we’re pelted with familiar English showers tomorrow :/

I wore this camo linen blend jacket previously here. When did I wear it better? I think I prefer this dress down version 😉

OUTFIT: H&M linen blend jacket, Office red lace ghillie flats, New Look ripped denim shorts

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OOTD: Pins & Pints

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