OOTD: Olive, Camo & Khaki

linen 1a

As soon as I stumbled upon this olive linen jacket, I was in love. It’s the perfect jacket for the crappy English summer. Thick enough to keep you warm and light enough not to make you uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Plus this camo olive colour is just a winner. As I guessed, the jacket sold out instantly and I can’t find the link on the H&M site any more :/

It’s always fun to pair similar shades together. This olive jacket and camo jeans seemed like the perfect marriage.

I’m the type to always have a pair of spare flats in my bag and sometimes a mini cross-body bag isn’t effective on a night out. That’s where my large purse comes in handy. This furry piece of accessory may look harmless but I tell you she’s not. Here’s a list of things she’s been known to contain all at once on a night out.

DSLR camera body and lens, piles and piles of makeup, blotting tissues, mini tester fragrances, deodorant, a hair brush (sometimes the wind plays too much), a pair of flat shoes, a wallet, two phones, compact mirror, earphones, phone charger, chewing gum, pens, hair pins, scarf, hand cream… (Who else carries too much trash that they obviously need around???)

Essentially, she’s a weapon.

Oh, and meet the camo version of my perfect skinny jeans previously featured in white and denim.

OUTFIT: H&M linen jacket in olive green, Oasis ripped skinny camo jeans, Coast faux-fur clutch

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