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sound bite 3

**Disclaimer: I’m sorry I just had to airbrush that bread roll looking love handle that suddenly appeared out of nowhere on my back…0_o (Runs to the gym). If you can’t spot it then my Photoshop skills are getting freaking good!

Ola! This post is so late. Iย won’t even write what I had planned to. But something silly happened today at work though…Okay, I was having the usual slow day at work when the phone rings. I pick it and the person at the other end just lets out 3 very loud farts…I usually am not here for prank calls. Cold callers, people calling to pest about insurance and all that just get a massive sigh from me every time. But for some reason this person did not get hung up on. I for some weird reason sat there and listened to all three of the longest farts I’ve ever heard. Hahahaha. They must be used to to not having a willing ear on the receiver line ’cause after they were done there was an awkward silence and then he (most prank callers are male, right?) hung up. I had the biggest laugh ever. LMAO. Like they must have been having a pretty shit (pun intended) day to get up to no good like that. I had a million and one questions for them: Do you OWN a fart machine? Or was that real? How long did it take you to accumulate so much gas then? Have you been practising? How come you’ve got all this time? Lawd.

Have you ever had any prank calls? What were they like?

Anyhoo, I wore this a few days ago when there was no talk of snow, blizzards and the BIG FREEZE. I wanted to maintain the same colour palette and what’s better than brown skin and a mocha ensemble so I dug out all the brown items my closet can boast of ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Top – Banana Republic

Drape Coat – Oasis

Skirt – Topshop

Heels – Sound Bite Sandals by Chloe Jane Green from Topshop

Clutchย – Coast

Watch – Armani Exchange

sound bite a sound bite bย sound bite 2ย ย sound bite 4 sound bite 5 sound bite 6 sound bite 7 sound bite 8 sound bite 9 sound bite 12 sound bite 13 sound bite 14 a


Have a memorable weekend.



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