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So white is always a summer favourite and I couldn’t wait to don my white jumpsuit last week.

Okay…. I’ve been getting a lot of comments about wearing heels during pregnancy.

Thanks for the concern guys but I promise I feel super comfy in them. I wouldn’t dance around and be silly in them if I wasn’t. I promise 🙂

On a more general note, there’s no rule against donning a pair of comfortable heels when you are pregnant. As long as you are comfortable and feel stable enough when you walk in them, it’s not a big deal. I’ve had so many people suggest I relax with the heels that I actually had to research this and ask my midwife because I assumed it was a medical requirement. It’s SO NOT.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Pregnancy is not a disease. Granted your joints do get weaker and are not as stable as they would normally be which is why many women prefer flats while pregnant as there’s a higher risk of falling over. But that is it. As long as you are comfortable, please feel free to wear what you want to in your pregnancy. It’s not even like I run errands in heels. Chile please, lol. I wear heels only for photos or if I’m going to a really dressy event.

Do not let these OOTDs fool you. No blogger lives in heels. Not me anyway. Hehehehe. I switch into flats as as I’m done snapping pictures. Every time someone mentions heels, I’m like where is this coming from???!

So many people tend to follow trends without even truly knowing if it’s beneficial to them or not. Everybody has an opinion and pregnancy is one of those where everybody seems to have one too many.

You can’t use hair removal creams. You can’t get a manicure /pedicure. You can’t get your hair dyed. There are so many misconceptions. I almost threw away my VEET cream but after doing a bit of reading and doing a test on my body, I found out it was totally fine to use it shave my legs.

Ladies, I’m not saying just go ahead and do everything that people warn you against doing. But do your research. Speak to your GP or your midwife. Shaving cream ARE bad for some pregnant women as their skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy. Mine didn’t so of course I’m going to continue using it.

You can get your nails done if you want to as long as the nail salon is very airy and you’re not purely inhaling chemicals. I was feeling in the dumps last week and after getting my nails and feet done, I felt a lot more better. The only person I felt sorry for was the guy who had to do a pedicure on my swollen ass feet. BWAHAHAHA. Yes, the sun has come up and one bad thing about that is it makes Edema (swollen feet) in pregnancy more severe. My feet looked so bad the only way I could feel happy about them was getting a pretty manicure.

I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING. I sleep with my feet up to reduce the swelling but nah. I wear flip flops all day and still end up looking like a seal 🙁  Bruh. They ain’t going nowhere. At this point I can only pray for cold weather so my feet can cool off. This is really what I get for laughing at Kim Kardashian when she suffered from the worse case of Edema both times she was pregnant. Hahahahaha.

There goes my #25WeeksPregnant rant. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Stay blessed y’all 🙂

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  • donnarpittman
    July 29, 2016

    Just beautiful!! Pregnancy looks good on you and I love your sense of style even during this time.

  • Mojisola Obazuaye
    July 30, 2016

    Beautiful Lydie.
    Keep shinning. X

  • tatitauriel
    July 30, 2016

    You look stunning! You are definitely glowing <3


  • moonstone34
    July 30, 2016

    You look beautiful in all white and I love the touch of red from your heels. All my friends wore heels during their pregnancies and they were just fine. Don’t it sweat babe! Do what makes you feel comfortable!

    xo, Jackie

  • Yvonne Waluvengo
    July 31, 2016

    You look fabulous! Your baby bump is so cute!!! You make me miss being pregnant 🙂

  • Stella
    August 3, 2016

    First of all you look fantastic in this white jumpsuit babe! I mean seriously stunning! As for the heels, just ignore the know-it-alls and do what makes you feel happy and comfortable! I understand that flats can be incomparably comfortable towards high heels and most of women prefer it, and I do to for most of the time, but some get so self-righteous about it!
    Happy August my gorgeous!

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