OOTD: How to Dress Your Sexy New Post-Baby Body

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Most mums will agree with me that you get two new things out of pregnancy: a brand new baby and a brand new BODY. Whether that change is for the better or for worse is entirely up to you.

I mean my body may never look the same again and I’m fine with that. I’m working with what my post-partum body has to offer and it’s not as bad as I had been dreading.

Anyhoo, on to the post at hand! I struggled at first but lately I’ve been enjoying dressing my post-baby curves and love handles. 

  1. Opt for high-waisted bottoms – Jeans, shorts, skirts, chinos you name it. If they’re available in a high-waisted version, that’s the one you need to go for. High-waist trousers tend to cinch the waist and tuck in any handles that would otherwise sit above just where regular trousers would end. Especially if they’re in a good thick stretchy fabric. These Sophie Lace Up Eyelet High Waist Jeans from Wearall have been my favourite jeans this summer. I’ve never looked this hourglass before! I’m wearing them under a wrap blouse and they’re basically acting like shapewear. I love these jeans. They fit so amazingly well and are super comfy too. And you know what’s even better about high waist jeans like these? I can rock a crop top without a care in the world!
  2. It’s a wrap – Another thing I’m wearing in this outfit is a wrap blouse. I’ve paired this floral wrap blouse with my Wearall high waist jeans. Not only are they accentuating my now tinier waistline but they are preventing the whole look from looking boxy which would make my thighs look even wider. Wrap dresses and tops create the illusion of an hourglass figure and flatter midsection.
  3. Go off shoulder – It mat be just me but my boobs went like two sizes bigger. There are some dresses I would never be able to wear again. Opt for an off the shoulder dress or blouse instead of a turtleneck for example as they accentuate your shoulders and would flatter your new milkshakes way better than a turtleneck.

How are you flaunting your curves? have you got more tips on how you dress your post-baby body?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂


Wearall High Waist Lace up jeans

Zara Floral Wrap Blouse

Christian Louboutins Pigalle 120

Mango Bag


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1 Comment
  • Jake
    September 16, 2017

    U look great! and those pants look fantastic on u! 😉 x x

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OOTD: How to Dress Your Sexy New Post-Baby Body

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