OOTD: Fandago Purple + Black On Black

black dress 1 a

This wasn’t supposed to be an outfit post. I was testing out a new Canon lens but I spent so long doing my makeup that at the end of it all, I went, who am I kidding? These are going up!

The lens really is an essential which I should have purchased long time ago but as usual I have been procrastinating. If you have a Canon kit, I swear the 50mm F1.8 lens is a must have. The sharpness is unreal. 

I have fallen in love with this Fandago Purple Matte Me lip colour by Sleek. It’s a gloss which dries up matte. And the pigmentation on this insane. I may love subtlety but it definitely doesn’t translate to my lip colours. It’s big, bold and bright all day for me when it comes to lippies. I’m also digging these Chloe Jane Green for Topshop booties which I secured in the sale. They went from £150 to £40. WOMP. These pictures don’t even do them justice. They got their own game. 

Back to the lens, I really look forward to shooting more with it. Question for my photography lovers; what are your go to and favourite lenses? I need more recommendations. Thank you!!!                   

Heels – Bright Lights Boots by CJG

Coat – Thrifted

Skirt – Asos

Turtle neck body – Ebay


black dress 2 black dress 5 black dress 7 black dress real IMG_9831 IMG_9834 IMG_9811 IMG_9818

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