OOTD: Default Monochrome


chartreuse olive khaki asos skirt outfit a

When in doubt, I go monochromatic.

A lot of my default looks have been composed of pairing similar tones and monochromatic shades. If I’m not matching exact colours, I’m pairing different shades of the same colour. It has become tiring really. Because I’ll wear something and Matt will go; Wait,  haven’t you worn this EXACT same outfit EXACTLY the same way before?

And I’ll go; Na. That was bubblegum pink and magenta, this is fuchsia and blush pink. FOCUS!

So yeah, I’ve been buying a lot clothing in the same colour family. You might think I’ve just gone out and purchased 5 green knit polo necks. But if you look with closely and with an open mind, you’ll see I’ve got 5 completely different colour tops in sage, olive, chartreuse, camo and emerald :/

OUTFIT: Miss Selfridge jumper, Asos skirt, Parallel strappy heels.

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