OOTD: Cropped Basics

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Cropped tops are for pot-bellied girls too… 🙂

I would rarely wear crop tops because I haven’y attained my Abs goals yet and I just don’t feel that comfortable in them. But for some reason now that my tummy is clearly larger in size, I am loving them!

Because if anyone ever had an excuse to have a massive or out-of-shape looking tummy, it is a pregnant lady. So I’ll just milk all these memorable crop top moments until I can’t milk them any longer. Mind you, I would definitely not be werking the crop tops post-baby. Hahahahahaha. Girl please. So let me just get out all this crop top love out of my system.

Is it just me, or do any of you feel and look better most of the time in the most basic ensembles? Like even though I was only wearing a basic tshirt and midi skirt, this was such a feel good day for me. A lot much more than all the days when I’m way dressed up.

On another note, your girl is in 3rd trimester is looking every bit of it. Lmao. I feel stretched to the max but God is like, NOPE. We see potential for more stretching so you stay put. URGHHHH, DARN IT. I’d do anything for this little boy in me so bring on the growth.

See you all next week. Smooches! xx

OUTFIT: Missguided duster coat, H&M tshirt, Missguided skirt, Office mesh booties

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