OOTD: Cornflower Blue

It’s official, I’m having a secret affair with the colour blue. I only noticed a few days ago that a lot my most recent purchases have been blue. And not just any blue. They are a deep cornflower blue to be specific. Jumpers, skirts, shoes and blouses. Do I secretly love that colour? I mean, I’ve always known that I loved yellow and orange. Black and white are a given. I’ve heard this happens to a lot of people. They get enthralled by something without even knowing it. It’s usually when they step back and take a good look at things that they discover how much they must have invested into a new found love/habit.

What are you unconsciously stocking on, that you thought you were not really into? Go on, have a look, and then come back and spill!

I’ve worn my cornflower blue jumper here with a fiercely split skirt from Asos and Zara’s latest ankle strap sandals. These Zara babies are so comfy and are selling out like fried chicken.

PS: That Asos Split Skirt + A Windy Day = Mayhem. (Proof in a few of the shots).

Skirt – Asos (here)

Sandals – Zara (here)

Cross-body bag – Marc B (Mine is so old but get a brand new one here )

Jumper – H&M (here)

White studded blouse – H&M (here)


IMG_7806 IMG_7811 IMG_7820 IMG_7828

IMG_7810 IMG_7801 IMG_7795 IMG_7799 IMG_7792


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Cornflower Blue
Givenchy, Giuseppe Zanotti, DKNY, House of Fraser
What I Wore






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  • Milly Mira
    February 8, 2013

    I too have always gravitated towards the cool colors (blue, teal, greens) then one day I read a Zodiac description of my sign and they said we love the blues lol

    • MsAidyl
      February 8, 2013

      that must be the explanation lol.

  • cher
    February 9, 2013

    lovelove love your oufit…those shoes are fiyah..blue is definately having an affair with all of us then lol

    • MsAidyl
      February 10, 2013

      hahaha Blue…such a two-timing b****! lol

  • Vanessa
    February 10, 2013

    I love your shoes. Lovely blog.Thanks for stopping at mine.

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OOTD: Cornflower Blue

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