OOTD: Colour Me Yellow

Hiya fashion lovers, been putting off my blog posts for a while now. Way too many things going on. It’s been a busy few last weeks and I feel exhausted. Check my Instagram for more regular updates when I’m too lay to post:((  @msaidyl1.  But I’ve been so wanting to put up this OOTD that I just can’t wait any longer. Coloured suits have been trending like crazy lately. I love bright colours especially yellow so my look is inspired by Solange Knowles and Leigh Lezark who all effortlessly rocked the yellow suit.

*One thing you have to remember when going shopping for a coloured suit is you absolutely should not expect to find a pre-matched pair sitting in the shop and waiting for you. be more open-minded. Buy separates and match them. This option is usually cheaper as it turns out and the chances that you’ll see someone rocking your exact same suit is very low.  For this OOTD, both my blazer and trousers come from different stores but when paired, they seemed made for each other.

It baffles me how I fell in love with the colour yellow. I think it’s as inexplicable as the mystery behind why I have been watching endless videos of the totally amazing (totesamaze) P’Trique on YouTube. I guess because they keep me laughing. I wish I was as chic, lol.

Now back to why I’m in love with yellow. Maybe because it has been a predominant colour for the most part of my life.

Yellow is colour of the taxis that parade of streets of Cameroon huffing and coughing and occasionally stopping in need for a push or two from its passengers. 

Yellow (more like golden tone though)  is the first colour I dyed my hair despite the snide remarks you could hear from my parents each time they spotted someone with outrageous hair. “So you have now replaced Sisqo,” was the first comment my Dad greeted me with when he first saw the results. To be honest in retrospect my hair was so loud I looked like a scared mongoose. But I loved and lived every minute of the craziness.

Yellow is the colour of  all my favourite drinks. Orange juice, pineapple, tango, and fizzy drinks. Wine with a touch of sparkle here and there.

Yellow is also the colour of the sun. And I am such a summery person. I was born in May. And May is gay (as in happy). Am all about good spring flowers and sunshine. Golden sunshine. Gold shines yellow. Who doesn’t love gold? 

Yellow is also the colour of teeth. My Grandpa’s teeth. Smiling back at me from the last and most recent photo (September 2010) I have of him. He’s passed on since a few months ago but his memory definitely remains. I’ll miss that smile.

These and more are all the things that inspire me to wear yellow. What is the colour of your life? how does it inspire you to shine through it?



Palazzo trousers-Mango

White Vest-Marks & Spencer







These are the looks that inspired my ‘Colour Me Yellow’ look.

Leigh Lezark
Solange Knowles

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  • keji55
    September 20, 2012

    hihi Aidyl…twas a pleasure reading ur write-up…quite interesting details of ur love for d color;yellow!..lol…also love the outfit..thanks for d tips!

  • keji55
    September 20, 2012

    hihi Aidyl…twas a pleasure reading ur write-up,quite interesting details of ur love for d color;yellow!..lol…also love the outfit…u go girl!

  • keji55
    September 20, 2012

    hihi Aidyl,twas a pleasure reading ur write-up!quite interesting details of why u love the color;yellow…lol…also love the oufit<3..u go girl!

  • barbz
    September 24, 2012

    i think yellow is a beautiful color and i cant believe I’ve been ignoring the happiness, serenity and glow which comes along with d color yellow!!

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OOTD: Colour Me Yellow

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