OOTD: Caramel On Top

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Another Friday, another outfit! Lately I’ve been stacking a lot of clothing items in this gorgeous camel colour. From jumpers, to coats, to turtlenecks. They are just perfect for when you’re running out of time and you just need to throw something on that will blend with anything else. This colour will be the theme of many outfits to come, lol.

Still feeling sequins from my last Sequins & Sneakers post, I dug up these Topshop sequin leggings from two years ago and paired them with this camel knit top I got (from Primark!) and this mohair coat which is so far my best vintage finds of 2015.

Also I do not like how petty WordPress is being. I am currently using a Free Trial Space Upgrade because I have run out of upload space. Damn all these celebrity sightings! LOL. The trial runs out after 14 days and then I’ll have to pay £42 for 25GB. 42 freaking quid! That is one Zara coat on the sale. Or that lovely faux fur coat I spotted at Warehouse. Or a meal for two at Turtle Bay… 🙁

I know this is a pointless moaning session because I need my SPACE and I WILL BUY IT. Because I can’t live without my uploads. Until then. See you next week and have a blastworthy weekend!


Camel knit top – Primark

Sequin leggings – Topshop

Mohair coat – Vintage 

Black leather strappy heel sandal – Zara

Jewellery – mixed finds

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