OOTD: Black Mango

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Finally I got to wear my ‘Bloggers Love’ lace up heels which I featured a couple weeks ago in a style rant. Yes, after everyone commented on how cute they looked, I fell in love with them. LOL. Yes, I’m one of those people who when shopping will pick something out, try to decide for ages if I really like it. Finally decide I don’t love it, replace it on the rack and just as I’m about to walk away another girl (who probably has been waiting for me to drop the item) grabs it. Then I go, ‘Sorry, I’m getting that.’ Funny how you suddenly want something once someone else wants it.

I did that once in TKMaxx. Geez. It took this girl literally FOREVER to decide she wasn’t buying a bag I had spied her trying. I wanted it so badly. And she knew it. Hahahaha. We went around for one bleeping hour. Never have I aimlessly roamed around all the floors of TKMaxx like I did on that fateful day.The fashion gods were not smiling on me.

But, alas! She relented. I had out-waited her. When she thought I was gone, she dropped the bag and left the shop. Probably to find a cash machine or something. Too bad. Because I swooped in and claimed my prize before she was even out the door. Hahahaha. This is so pathetic. She probably didn’t even notice me. But I’m crazy and I had to create a scenario out of it in my head. I could have sworn she side-eyed me at one point… Have you had any crazy shopping experiences? Share!

I fell in love with this dress because it looked like a simple white blouse and leather skirt combo. It’s essentially a two in one piece. In my favourite classic colours. It was also on sale. Mango for the win.

God bless your weekend xx

OUTFIT: Mango colourblock combination leather dress, Topshop premium suede gillian ghillie courts, Coast clutch

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OOTD: Black Mango

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