OOTD: ABY Beach Edition

alicante pink swimsuit 2a

Before I gulped down everything in sight, I managed to snap a few pictures where I looked closest to svelte in my favourite swimsuits (from my closet) this season.

I am one of those people who can’t swim but packs about 7 different swimsuits for a one week holiday. I am seriously sceptical about large bodies water (and the secrets & creatures they hold) and will not go in further than shoulder level. And even then, I have outdone myself. Travelling by sea is not even an option. Mathew tries his hardest to goad me in every time but as soon as I feel the sea bed getting further and further, I’m outta there! My comfort zone is where the water hits the sand. Hahaha!

Even so, I enjoy beaches more than anything else. It’s the perfect place to read, people watch and just relax really.

Pink always catches my eye and this swimsuit did. It is my favourite one piece by far. It has a zip in the front which can be styled up or down and of course I tried both. I’m a double D cup so and I wear size Small clothing so my chest area is slightly bigger than my hips. I can never find the perfect fit in one piece swimwear. Who else has this problem???  I tend to look for swimwear that offer different bra sizes which is rare. The zip on this baby could barely stay up :/ You can see watermarks right up to my chest area so I went for it that day 😉

Swimsuit: Resort Tropical Hawai Swimsuit

alicante 5a alicante 759 alicante 796a alicante hawai swimwear a alicante hot pink swimwear a alicante pink swimsuit 2a

By day two in Alicante, I was feeling the effect of the sun on my melanin. It is always so cold in England that sometimes even dark skin will paler than normal. Is this true or myth? I was looking tanned for the gods. Yasss!

This Moontide Rainbow Swimsuit is my go to swimsuit. I take it with me every time I pack for a vacation. I feel sexy yet comfy in it.

Swimsuit: Moontide

alicante 1a

alicante striped swimwear a alicante moontide rainbow swimsuit alicante rainbow 892aalicante swim a

This Asos mesh swimsuit comes in a wide range of cups. They are from DD-G which is quite handy. So I had to grab one immediately. When in doubt, wear black 😉

Swimsuit:ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Fishnet Insert Plunge Swimsuit DD-G

alicante 7 alicante 6aaby beach edition 9sa

We had so many long walks, my feet literally were throbbing and aching by the end of the week. Lawd.

Somewhere in Alicante…

OUTFIT: NEw Look Skirt, H&M top

new look 9 a new look 3a new look 759 a

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