OOTD: 5 Months Post-Partum Update (And Why We Need To Ditch This ‘Snapback’ Obsession)

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I was going to do a photoshoot for my birthday (hey 30 😉 ) with a special look and all that but this has been playing on my mind so I decided to get it out of my system instead.

I’ve gone back to regular outfit of the day and celebrity style posts without really providing any updates or insight into how I’m coping carrying on post-partum. If I’ve made it seem easy and seamless. I apologise. IT IS NOT. 

Everybody wants to look their best in public and on social media. Unfortunately, the little snippets of our lives that we put out on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, blogs or wherever, those are the bits that most people will put together to form their perception of you. Which usually means the grass looks hella green and your life is just perfection. 

I’m basing this on the tonnes of comments and messages I’ve received about what I did to ‘snapback’ so soon. This so called snapback, I know is based on my Instagram and blog uploads.

Now let me give you facts.

I know I always say this jokingly, but just like location, location; it’s all about ANGLES, ANGLES, ANGLES. I know I’m not the only one that takes 90 selfies and picks the best one to post. Also since I’ve had my baby, I’ve avoided full profile pictures because I still looked 5 months pregnant in most of them. In fact sometimes I’ve found it hard to look at my photos after an outfit shoot because I couldn’t believe how massive I looked in some of the photos. Especially the early ones. 

I did not look one bit grammable.

Was I ready to let the virtual community see me like this? 

I’d find different ways to pose and hide my pouch just so my stomach appeared flat again. I literally was holding my breath in every picture just to get an ‘okay’ picture.

Disclaimer: I refuse to photoshop a snatched waist on myself. What do you say to people who see you in real life and you ain’t looking ripped? BWAHAHAHAHA. 

Before I knew it, I was being sucked into this whole new trend of who can snap back the quickest after having their baby. 

It’s like a battle. I’ve seen some celebrities post pictures of their washboard abs merely hours after giving birth! How are we to keep up with that? 

You think, how did they do it? And why don’t look like this 3 days – hell 3 months post-partum? People call it goals. But are they realistic goals?

I’m not saying it’s impossible. Of course post-labour room rock-hard abs are absolutely achievable. But how many women can relate? 

I was getting so worked up about what was happening to my body. And then I realised, I’ve just had a freaking baby. My body just grew and nurtured a whole new life inside of it for 10 BLEEPIN’ MONTHS! Why would I expect what took almost a year to stretch out, to snapback in weeks?

For the sake of millions of women out there let’s be real about our post-partum bodies. I know some people who refuse to attend any public events because they think their bodies have failed them and they don’t presentable enough.

One thing I’ve gained since become a mum is new confidence. I don’t know if there’s something about this experience that just makes you think, f**k it. I do what I want. But that’s how I’ve felt lately. There’s something about loving someone so much so unconditionally that it makes you love and see yourself in a new light.

With confidence comes authenticity. I want to promote authentic content on my blog. Of course I won’t be airing dirty laundry  on here. If you love tea, go to the shade room. Hehehehe. I’m talking about being honest with my readers. 

My post-partum body, just like my birth story and experience is different from every other woman’s. I may be bigger or smaller than the next woman. But the message remains the same. Don’t lose sleep trying to achieve someone’s perfect grammable life Not that I’m any of those things. Ha! My God. I’m so far from perfect. But that’s why we’re doing this post. You feel me?;)

It’s about being comfortable enough in our bodies to let our bodies do what it’s meant to do in the right time.


I picked this look because it was one my favourite maternity OOTD and it got the most feedback and reposts. Also I knew it’d be a challenge to wear a crop top exposing my new pound of pouch. But I did it!

Missguided red duster coat, White V-neck T- shirt, Missguided white tube skirt, Office Tyra heels

This is the before look below. Read full outfit post.

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  • Ms Sushi
    May 8, 2017

    Well written as always! Serving candour and I love it! Most of us girls out here thinking snapback is war. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Yawa Sarpong
    May 9, 2017

    Now Girl when I tell you I love you! I really do! You are one of the realest bloggers I know and social media bff (heeey!!!) U look amazing and so is baby leslie! and Happy Birthday!

  • SG
    May 10, 2017

    Yas! Looking fab as always. the confidence and poise of all your pics.
    Oh how society can twist a wonderful mother hood glorious experience to another gruesome task #snapback expectation for women.
    Thanks for the insight. Keep the creativity up “angles angles”

  • Franka
    May 10, 2017

    I love love love this post. The post partum snap back is a real struggle. I must confess I have been struggling to accept my body only because I gained most of my weight after birth but reading this post just gave me lots of comfort. Thanks for keeping it real

  • carol
    May 10, 2017

    hey Leslie!! thats all I have to say haha jokes. I love this post so much, I remember being down after I was left with a flabby belly, but after a few weeks you really don’t give a shit!! giving birth makes you instantly wiser and you really know whats important in life. You look amazing xx

  • Luna Huguette
    May 16, 2017

    Mama you are too real! I love this post because it takes guts to be honestly.. I still think you are major goals. Love your personality and you are so sweet. Love you man, you are beautiful and baby Leslie is just too adorable ???????

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OOTD: 5 Months Post-Partum Update (And Why We Need To Ditch This ‘Snapback’ Obsession)

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