Candids: Not an OOTD


#NotEverdayOutfit .

LOL. That hashtag is funny. I’ve seen it on Instagram several times and it means not every post will be an Outfit Of The Day. It takes me ages to get my face done (and I still can’t get it right, WOMP) so I know that after all that struggle, I won’t just be washing off my makeup and going to bed. No. I’ll slip in a selfie of two 😉 

Also I did some micro twists on my hair and left them on for a few days before untwisting and got these twists. No curling soufflés, curly creams or smoothies, odd concoctions etc . Just virgin organic coconut oil was used in twisting my hair. I’m quite happy with the results and also happy that I won’t be relying on curly soufflés in the future to achieve my curls. Unless I need to achieve this overnight, then I would recommend Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Spy my other ‘beauty shots’. LOL. Bye.

hair5hair 2hair3  hair6 hair1a

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