Monday Night Jam: Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music.’

Thank you Chris Brown for the new release which I must confess I have had on repeat mode throughout most of today despite my busy schedule.  The singer with the best moves in the business (in my opinion)  and who recently just won a Grammy for Best R&B Album has dropped his hot new video ‘Turn Up The Music’ which he performed at the Grammys. Despite the controversy his appearance is causing, the 22 year old ‘happy feet’ singer seems to be making a huge come back. Song’s been on YouTube only 3 days and already it’s cracking 4million hits.
I must confess I heART this song. Even though it looks like a furry convention, his dance moves are on another level.  And dang, has he matured into one fine wine…And I will intentionally on purpose, not comment on the chocolate tabs I saw in the place of an abdomen. Haba!  Does he want girls to start fainting again like in MJ’s time?
Anyhow, one man’s Chanel is another man’s kitchen rag. Please see for yourselves and pray tell us what you saw.
One thing’s for sure, this is most defo a club banger!

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  • Sushi
    February 20, 2012

    My boo..all dapper!! Marry me. blush*

  • lilian
    October 12, 2012

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Monday Night Jam: Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music.’

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