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You’ve probably never seen me wearing sunglasses. That’s because I can never find the perfect ones that fit my round face and secondly, I think I look better in pictures where I can see my eyes. I wear clear glasses on a daily basis though. I get hayfever and my eyes are super sensitive that they water a lot and ruin my makeup as soon as I step out. So I usually wear clear frames outdoors to stop wind, dust, pollen etc from getting in my eyes. However, because I don’t need them for medical reasons I always just buy the cheapest ones I can find on Ebay or Amazon. They cost about £1.99 or so and will probably only last me a a couple weeks. LOL. Getting my money’s worth innit.

These bad boys from Glasses USA however have changed the game for me.

Not only do they look amazing on almost every face shape, but they’re so well-made and trendy. I’ve had so many compliments in these that I’ve even been wearing them TO compliment my outfits and not just to protect my eyes from dust.

I am wearing the Muse M Modern in Gray / Clear below. They’re not your average clear frames. I love the ombre mix of gray and clear. They actually kind of remind me of Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland)’s glasses on Designated Survivor.

The other pair I received are the Elliott in black and gold. They’ve sold out unfortunately in this colour. And you can tell why. They’re CUTE! Other shades are available though. Make sure to check it out.

I’m also wearing a stripe jumpsuit by Mango. I’ve been rocking lose-fitting clothes lately because I’m not quite ready to go full on bodycon ya know. Things have not quite snapped back fully….hahahahaha.

Anyhoo, which pair do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Geraldine
    April 7, 2017

    You definitely rocked both pairs (with those eye colours popping out)…But the second pair is just so wow on you. Wear it everyday..Lol. You look amazing!!

  • J
    April 13, 2017

    Lovely pair of Lenses

    • Art Becomes You
      April 15, 2017

      thanks J!

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