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Miss Cameroon USA 2014: Meet The Contestants


Cameroon is also known as ‘Africa in Miniature’ which means it has a little bit of every African aspect in it. Cameroon boasts some of the most diverse cultures and land  and exhibits all major climates and vegetation of the continent: coast, desert, mountains, rainforest, and savanna. In the same light too, the women of Cameroon are very diverse and unique.

Miss Cameroon USA has once again launched the 2014 edition of one of our most favourite pageants. Offering beauties from various regions of Cameroon. Who are this year’s qualifying contestants? Let’s meet them:

1. Ndemazia Nora.F

Age: 23
Height: 5’10”
Hobbies: Dreaming, Traveling, Communing, Music and Exploring Society.
State: Bronx, New York
College: City University of New York(CUNY)
Major: Paralegal studies
Career Aspirations: Working hard to become a successful corporate/Business Lawyer, A diplomat and a woman of power.
Mission: Quality education for orphans in Cameroon. To eliminate the sorrows of the left out thousands, I make it my mission to identify desperate orphans in Cameroon and reach out to their educational needs. No orphan deserves to be left behind as they also have natural human rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.

2. Heidi Ntoh Time

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5’9″
HOBBIES: writing, listening to music, dancing and all things fashion&beauty.
STATE AND CITY OF RESIDENCE: Springfield, Virginia.
MAJOR: Social Sciences/Healthcare Management.
CAREER ASPIRATIONS: I intend on using my degree to work with the elderly and also guiding/mentoring the younger generation to be confident and educated.
MISSION: (If you become Miss Cameroon USA what will you do for Cameroon and your community in the USA)?: I intend on creating and encouraging a sense of commitment. To create a big brother – little brother relationship where our Cameroonians here in the USA in various fields (educators, healthcare givers, artists, entrepreneurs etc) can mentor young Cameroonians back home who have an interest in their specialized fields of interest. I call it an educational chain reaction because the guidance is not only monetary but it will create a long lasting impact as they too can mentor/pass down knowledge to youths younger than they are in their communities who have an interest in their respective fields.

3. Kamne Nadege Ngam

AGE: 25yrs old

HEIGHT: 5 ’10”

HOBBIES: I love to sing,dance,travel,and make people laugh.

CITY OF RESIDENCE: I live in Alexandria, Virginia.

COLLEGE: Am a student at Nova Alexandria am taking prerequisites for speech pathology.

CAREER ASPIRATIONS: I want to be a musician and a model. I love entertaining people and I love to see people smile and I know that music has the power to do that. I also want to be a speech pathologist because I love languages and I love to see people who can express themselves properly.
MISSION: My platform is rape. I want to create awareness on this issue because it is eating deep into our community and nothing is being done about it.

4.  Marie-Anne Audige

Age: 22
Height: 5’6″
Hobbies: Dance, Sports, and Travel
State and city of residence: Silver Spring, Maryland
College: Bachelor’s Degree from McGill University (Montreal, Canada)
Major: Majored in International Management and International Development Studies
Career aspiration: My ultimate career goal is to become a social entrepreneur by starting my own design company in Cameroon. I believe this career path is the best middle ground between my personal goals and shared community interests of economic prosperity and social well-being for my country, Cameroon.

Mission: GIRLS EDUCATION – I support the wonderful mission of AUMAZO, INC., and will invest in the educational future of girls in Cameroon and eventually around Africa.

AUMAZO, INC. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower girls in Cameroon with educational opportunities to attend high school in order to enjoy more successful lives as young adults.
AUMAZO, INC’s first boarding school is under construction in Bankondji, a village located near the city of Bafang in the West Province of Cameroon. The organizations’ current objective is to complete the school’s infrastructure and welcome the first 50 students by fall 2015.
My goal is to help them raise the walls of at least 3 out of the 8 classrooms they intend to build.

As Miss Cameroon USA, I will firstly complete my commitment to my platform by raising awareness and creating visibility to the work that AUMAZO, INC. is doing in Cameroon. I will also mobilize the resources and support needed to accomplish my goal of raising the 3 classroom walls.

Secondly, I will act as a US representative for Cameroonian girls by advocating for girls’ high school education in Cameroon. I will be their voice by bringing to light issues that affect them daily such as school fees and access to community-based educational institutions. I will also serve as the bridge between the girls in Cameroon and those in the United States and help both groups create a friendship that will translate into long term relationships through a Pen Pal program.

5. Brenda Andin Njinjoh

AGE: Born August 21, 1989 (24)
HEIGHT: 5’8″

HOBBIES: Church, Volunteering, reading, interest in women empowerment,health, business, fashion and beauty, blogging


COLLEGE: University of Maryland, College Park 2011currently a part time premed student
MAJOR:Doubled Majored in Public / Community Health and Women’s Studies

CAREER ASPIRATION: In the near future I will be Dermatologist and Politician

MISSION: Every girl in Africa is gifted and full of potential. I believe girls in Cameroon should have resources to improve their reading and writing skills . My micro project will be to promote literacy for under served girls in Bamenda Cameroon between 9-12. I want to motivate and empower girls in primary school through reading and writing by forming a reading club. As the leader of the group, I plan to deliver books and literacy resources such as dictionaries and journals to enrich their experience with other participants in the
club. I have partnered with a recognized Bali women’s group, the Nkuma Nfed-Nfed, a national and international non profit organization active in government primary schools in Bali. After introducing my
platform, they were so eager to help me transform my vision of the reading club into reality by pairing me with great mentors in the United States and also in Cameroon to make up sure the project will be
carried out successfully.

6. Raissa Sandra Tchoffo

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5’08”
HOBBIES: Long walks, reading, meditating, shopping and music
COLLEGE: University of Texas at Arlington
MAJOR: Finance
CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Private Equity Banker
MISSION: International Travel and Global Citizenship – As Miss Cameroon USA, I will help educate those aspiring to travel to America for a better future. Letting them know their options and providing answers to any questions or concerns. Many are already here, lost, alone, at risk of deportation, with neither a home, an education nor a job; I will be their voice. I will help our younger generation being raised in America to positively embrace the American culture not to replace but compliment our African culture and make then good global citizens. I represent hope for a better tomorrow.

7.  Lila L. Ndze

Age: 26
Height: 5’ 2”
Hobbies: Dancing, shopping, gourmet cooking
City/State of Residence: Lewes, DE
College: Bachelors of Science in Nursing, minor in Mathematics from Viterbo University, WI
Career Aspiration: I working towards becoming a Nurse Anesthetist and Philanthropist
Mission: Preventive health and education on Heart Disease and Diabetes. I am working towards establishing the Godheart Foundation which is a non-profit organization focused on teaching fellow Cameroonians that the Knowledge of your health status and symptom recognition can are crucial to the sustenance of healthier, longer and happier lives. Hypertension and Diabetes are the building blocks for so many debilitating diseases such as Strokes and Heart Attacks (to name a few). Providing understandable and relatable information on healthcare is a major part of my career which I love and I will love to empower us, Cameroonians to be more conscious and sensitive to monitoring our health status. Hypertension and Diabetes are very preventable diseases that plague many families in our community like they have affected my family and can result in rapid deterioration in health when not properly prevented, identified or managed. My goal is to provide services, share knowledge and first aid skills that could help us be more mindful of the importance of basic health maintenance in order to lead healthier, happier and longer lives.

8. Angela Akwaji Njob

AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5’7″
HOBBIES: working out, playing soccer, singing & dancing.
COLLEGE: (if a graduate, state from which college): Morgan State University
MAJOR: Nursing
CAREER ASPIRATION: Upon graduation next year, I want to go to medical school to obtain my degree to be a a Cardiac Surgeon.
MISSION: I want to go back to Ngie (The Village I grew up in) as well as other nearby villages. Where People often died on their way to the hospital because the distance was so far away and a lot of people died from simple complications that could have been prevented by CPR or proper First Aid Care. to have workshops , teaching CPR and First Aid care, this will help save/sustain lives until they get to the hospital.

9. Kamegni N Paule

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5’11”

HOBBIES: I like singing; dancing; went to cinema;travel; shopping and love have fun. I’m in los Angeles California

MAJOR: Marketing and Communication

CAREER ASPIRATION: I want to be a journalist; or be an singer artist because I love music it’s my first passion .

MISSION: If I become Miss ; I will go back to Cameroon this year and give my help to children who don’t have a family;and form and organization to raise funds for the cause. For my Community in the US, i would like to inspire the younger generation to take their education seriously.

There you have it. The Miss Cameroon USA 2014 Contestants. They all look gorgeous!

The pageant takes place on Saturday APRIL 5th 2014, 7PM at the HAMPTON CONFERENCE CENTER, 207 Hampton Place, Capitol Heights, MD. Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

For more information visit the Facebook Page.

Who will you be rooting for come April 2014?




Tickets are selling fast! To book your tickets go here.

The official voting link will be updated here once it goes live.

Love & Light xx


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  • Tiki
    March 13, 2014

    Hmmm. Disclaimer – I don’t know any of these girls personally, or outside what is written under their names here. I’m going strictly by the pictures, the bios, and my gut.

    ALL OF THEM – too much makeup. I have a sneaky feeling some of them will be disqualified instantly if they washed their faces and smiled at the camera.

    Girl 1. Nice body, seemingly nice carriage, HATE her hair. Think with a little polish she’ll do just fine. Please don’t tell me she came up with ‘woman of power’ on her own.

    Girl 2. Nice body. Too much holding on to stuff ie the tree. Not a good poser, but looks more or less naturally beautiful.

    Girl 3. Nope. Wrong facial structure. Uncharismatic. How did she get there?

    Girl 4. Pretty. Love her sense of style. Particularly dislike her makeup. However, I can’t shake the feeling that she only entered the competition to promote the organisation.

    Girl 5. To me, not pretty enough for MCUSA standards. However, I love her initiative. Sounds like she’ll represent well.

    Girl 6. Not bad. Interesting body. Workable poses. A bit of boring face, and needs to work on dat bio. Quite uninspiring.

    Girl 7. I like that she has a bit of flesh on her like most Cameroonian girls do, and her bio read well. However, cringe-worthy dress sense, and her poses are so wrong. She needs to take serious modelling lessons.

    Girl 8. Another plus-sized beauty. I like everything about this girl. Only slight downsides are her fashion and her poses, but those are very workable.

    Girl 9. Charisma, face, and body on point! But that wig looks like a dead rat slept on her head, and her bio is a bit too weak for me.

  • Ndelazem Elvis
    March 13, 2014

    Anne marie, i am taken aback by your vision. it’s not just enough to be beautiful pysically but also to demonstrate it concretely from the inside. Remember it should not always be about you but abt the masses who suffer constant oppression and are in dying need of our assistance. God of the oppressed whose course u stand will see u through

  • manyiayuketah
    March 14, 2014

    wow! v beautiful ladies! tnks for d updates! 😉 (y)

  • Mbeboh Irene
    March 18, 2014

    Girl 1.Nice body, seemingly nice carriage,Beautiful and has good aims. Think she’ll do just fine.

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Miss Cameroon USA 2014: Meet The Contestants

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