Leather Jacket & Studded Floors

Happy New Year people! It’s not too late to say that is it? I don’t think so. Some people say you’re allowed to say Happy New Year up until March. Just why? Does the year start getting old from there on?  Some think you’re allowed to keep your Christmas tree mounted until February. Even though there are some houses that stay lit till June…But let’s not get into that. Happy New Year in itself  is a statement that people tell each other at the beginning of every new year. But have you noticed that you only say it once to each person in that year? And you say it the first time you see them that year. So if I haven’t seen or called up an old friend all year and we meet for the time in say August, rightfully I owe her a damn Happy New Year!
Enough about new year salutes and now into the ‘intoto’ of the matter. Who made resolutions? Who’s keeping them? Not me. Some time ago, I realised there’s always a huge fuss about resolutions at the beginning of every year of which the most common everyone has on their list are:
-Save, save, save.
-Lose those carbs!
-That makeover is long due.
-Quit smoking
-Start keeping some of those promises. Jeez.
-Complete, that unfinished project I statrted ages ago.
And the list goes on..,
Whatever is on your list,you have to admit resolutions are tough to keep up with. Even the easiest ones. You might be folling all the rules at the start of the year but by the time it gets to June you somehow seem to forget all about them.
So what I started doing each year is, instead of a resolution I’d make a list of things that I wanted to do this year. Each time I get one thing done I tick it off the list. I know lists are almost nearly similar to resolutions. But there’s that tiny difference and that is what does the trick. With lists, you tend to have more short-term achievable goals that you can really work towards. Meanwhile resolutions are seen as more long term achievements that have the tendency to discourage people. If something is indefinite, it will always seem like you have a lifetime to achieve it so you wouldn’t be bothered to get it done in set time.
  Also resolutions are not very specific. The secret to following your own set rules or to disciplining yourself enough to achieve a set goal is simply stating ‘realistic, specific and short term goals.’
For example, instead of saying ‘I want to lose weight,’ (which is an achievable goal but seems indefinite as you do not know how much you want to lose and in what amount of time); say ‘I will be wearing a size 10 to my cousin’s wedding’. The wedding could be in 3 months, 2 weeks or 8 months. It’s all up to you. As long as the goal is feasible. You can do it. And because you have set a target, it’ll be easier to keep up. Some people even go out and buy something in the size they want to cut down to. This motivates them as they will know how nif they are making any progress and how much more they have to go.
So if you making a list this year consider three things in mind: They should be realistic, you should be motivated, and be specific in the results you want to achieve.
On my list this year, I have:
-Finish my book (goal), before my mum’s birthday in September (set time) because I want to her to read it as a gift (my motivation).
Also what I do instead of telling myself I need to ‘Save, save, save,’ is  get a piggy bank and pick one ‘forbidden coin’ which I can’t spend that year. It’s very effective trust me. Back in Cameroon, it was new coins. Newly designed 50, 100 and 500 FCFA coins were introduced into the FCFA money in circulation. They were much smaller than the old ones. the  Every time I was given I’d throw it into my bank. At the end of the year, Lord did my piggy bank look preggers with quadruplets!
This year my forbidden coin is 50p. Untouchable. As I receive it , oya, it is going straight to the bank. The bank at my bedside, that is. (Warning: I beg, I no attract thieves oh. If you are thinking thoughts about these my measly 50ps, thunder fire you!).
Anyways, the rest of my list I will post on my next post as it is still under construction and is subject to change. Girl can’t make up her mind.
Hope you find my tips helpful. If you have other ways that work for you on how to keep resolutions then share with us below please!  Come back and tell me how they work for you if you ever try any from here.
If you had to make up a list, what will the top 5 of your List? Share and inspire someone!
One of my top 5 on my list was to pursue my photography hobby. Started by getting my DSLR! Now here are few shots from it.

Studded streets.
The Earth is my element.



This came out wrong but I sort of love the colour effect.
takin' over!
stole one shot


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Leather Jacket & Studded Floors

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