Laser Skin Procedures for Improved Skin Health

The other day I was browsing around Selfridges and stumbled upon some face creams and noticed that quite a few of them cost almost as much as a procedure. How?! That got me thinking about treatments. Of course I’ve been under the knife before and I’ve had work done on my face…

…To take out a mole, ha! I was a teenager then and the mole (right on my forehead) was quite sizeable. My dad wasn’t having it. He took me to see an expert who had it surgically removed. The mole on my nose and side of my face were so small that the surgeon had said there was no need getting rid of them unless they grew bigger. You must have have noticed the black spot on my nose. I’ve grown used to them since and wouldn’t get rid of them now… but in I’ve been doing some reading on laser treatments and found out quite a lot.

You might be considering having a laser skin procedure to improve the health of your skin. If so, you should be aware of exactly how they work. That’s the only way you can tell if you would be a good candidate for the process or not.

They Are Mid-Range Skincare Treatments

The first thing you need to know is that they are mid-range treatments for skin conditions. In other words, there are milder treatments, but there are also more invasive ones. Examples of milder options include medicated creams, lotions, and at-home light therapy kits.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have things like facelift surgery. There are also other mid-range treatments, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. So, you first need to identify what range of treatment you need. Then you can narrow it down to a specific treatment type.

Medical Laser Devices Are Almost as Different as Fingerprints

Next, you should be aware not all medical laser equipment is the same. In fact, even machines that look almost the same might be designed to treat entirely different skin types and conditions. There are machines specifically meant to treat scars, others for wrinkles, and others for unwanted hairs. There are also machines that are better at treating those with light colored skin because they can cause pigment changes in those whose complexions are darker.

Things That Make Lasers Popular Skincare Treatments

One of the top things that make lasers so popular is that treatments are fast. They typically last less than an hour. That means that your busy schedule barely has to be interrupted. Other skincare treatments might take a bit more time and preparation.

Another thing that makes these types of procedures so attractive is that risks and side effects are almost non-existent, if they are done properly. While you would have to deal with anesthesia if you underwent a facelift, that risk doesn’t apply with laser treatment. Similarly, recovery times are very fast after most laser procedures, although it does vary slightly depending on the specific treatment you have.

Side Effects That You Should Prepare For

Although side effects of laser treatments aren’t as severe as those from many other procedures, they do still exist. For instance, you should prepare for the fact that the skin in the treated area might feel warm and be red for a little while after you get out of your appointment. It may even stay that way for a day or two. Minor oozing or blistering could also occur, depending on the type of therapy you have. Your technician can advise you about what you should do when you go home to help your skin heal quickly and easily.

What All That Means for You

What all of that means for you is that lasers might be able to improve your skin health, no matter what skin issues you have. However, it might take some time to identify the exact type of machine that can treat your problem best. Your dermatologist or clinician should be able to cut that time down considerably by narrowing down the options for you.

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  • Mojisola Obazuaye
    December 15, 2015

    I agree with laser treatment. They take a couple of treatments but they work. Just like cream and other things take time, laser takes time too.
    And dad did great for letting you do the procedure.

  • deefordana
    December 16, 2015

    Great post babe! Thanks for sharing

  • These treatments sound nice and the most important thing that they are less painful. But I just want to ask one that are there any side effects of using such types of treatments.

  • Lisa @Beautynskincare
    December 5, 2018

    Thank you so much to explain laser skin procedures in detail. I want to recommend it to a friend who has a big mole on her face. I Hope it will work for her.

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