Knowing the Difference in Style: 9 Types of Engagement Rings

When you or your loved one are searching for engagement rings, you will find there are many choices available. Of course, you want to pick the best one in your price range, but you also want one that will represent your everlasting love.

From the princess cut engagement rings to the infinity setting, an engagement ring represents your love and commitment to one another. It is not only a symbol of love but a promise to make love a priority in your ever-changing life together.

Here are 9 of the many different styles of engagement rings:

  1. The Princess Cut

This particular cut of a diamond engagement ring is a popular one and for good reason. The rectangular framework offsets a brilliant arrangement. This cut offers more sparkle than an old-fashioned setting.

  1. The Bezel Setting

This is one of the most popular engagement ring settings due to its modern look and suitability for active ring wearers. The reason this setting is so sturdy is the main stone is not set on top with prongs, but instead, encircled with a strong metal encasing.

  1. The Channel Setting

This type of ring setting allows for securely setting smaller diamonds or gemstones. They encircle the entire ring in a channel or groove and make a sparkling line of gems. This setting is recommended for wedding bands as well as engagement rings.

  1. The Halo Setting 

This type of setting offsets the main stone in a square or circle, upraised in the center of the ring. This is a good setting for a smaller gemstone as it makes it appear larger. Some say this setting makes the diamond or gem look as if it were part of a flower.

  1. The Tension Setting

This setting has the main stone looking as if it were suspended in the air between the two pieces of the metal band. This ring is made with lasers and can be very beautiful. It is also more of a modern setting.

  1. The Cathedral Setting

This type of ring setting is classic and elegant and just right for an engagement ring. From the sides, it looks as if the diamond is encased in the arched windows of a cathedral window. It is also similar to a crown.

  1. The Pavé Setting

This type of placement of the small stones is close together and resembles a cobblestone street. The gemstones encircle the band and can be made with or without a larger stone in the center.

  1. The Gypsy Setting

This has the main diamond or gemstone set down in the band, flush with the rest of the ring. It is one of the most secure ways to keep a gemstone in place as it becomes part of the ring or the band itself.

  1. The Antique Setting

This is another popular engagement ring choice as it mimics a time period of the bride’s choice. It can be from any time period and is typically elegant and bold. It can also be a modern style from the recent past.

These are but a few of the many different types of engagement rings a couple has to choose from. Each one different and unique, like the woman who will be wearing it.

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Knowing the Difference in Style: 9  Types of Engagement Rings

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