Keep Your Travel Memories Alive With These Cool Memento Ideas

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Climbing mountains, standing atop skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls. When you choose to go travelling, there’s no telling what incredible memories you’ll make and what fantastic stories you’ll have when you return. 

Although, when it comes to preserving your travelling adventures, memories just aren’t enough. Having a physical reminder of some of the best moments of your life is a much more effective way of keeping those memories fresh and vivid. They also make great conversation pieces! 

So, what kind of keepsakes should travellers consider? Here we’ll take a look at how you can keep your travel memories alive with these cool memento ideas.   


Yes, it sounds obvious. But we’re all guilty of taking amazing photos (at home or abroad) and leaving them trapped in our phones or in the depths of our social media accounts. Choosing to print your travel photos means you can decorate your home with little reminders of your adventures overseas. Gorgeous canvases, keyring photos or even a cool photo wall from Hello Canvas will look great. They can give you a little boost when you’re feeling low or even inspire you to hit the road once again.

Put together a video

You may have taken plenty of photos, but what about videos? If your device is bursting with snippets of video, no matter how short, consider editing them together into one big travel film. You can revisit your exploits in great detail, and feel closer to your time overseas. The sights, sounds and smiles of travelling will certainly come flooding back. Don’t forget to add some cool vlog music for the B roll shots.

Destination boxes

Have you visited more than one place? Gathering physical mementoes from different locations and storing them in individual destination boxes is a niche idea but it’s a great way to keep your memories organised and you can revisit them any time! Receipts, souvenirs, plane tickets, tourist maps, currency. Fill them with whatever reminds you of your visit there. 


You don’t have to have grand plans of being a blogger to publish your personal travel tales online. Blogging is like an online diary, where you can share your experiences, add photos and fill with advice and tips. You can organise your thoughts and preserve them forever in your own little corner of the internet. 

Decide to collect something 

If your travel adventures haven’t started yet, then you could bear this one in mind. Decide to collect something from every destination you’re going to visit. From mugs and magnets to a ring, maps, rocks, even sand in a bottle from every beach. By the time you return home, you’ll have a pretty impressive collection. It’s something you can add to every time you hit the road. 

A classic scrapbook

Scrapbooks aren’t just for kids! Filling a scrapbook with all your travel postcards, train tickets, photos and little souvenirs will certainly make for some interesting reading when you get home. It’s something you can hold onto for years to come, and your children (or grandchildren) might find it absolutely fascinating too.

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Keep Your Travel Memories Alive With These Cool Memento Ideas

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