Invest in Love and Diamonds: Choosing Wedding Bands Together


Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon was given by Jim Toth, her now-husband, a very fancy engagement ring – a four-carat, square-cut diamond. You’d think she’d often be proudly fluttering the fingers on her left hand to show off her serious bling.

But Southern sweetheart Witherspoon doesn’t don her statement engagement ring daily. Instead, she opts for the less flashy, but no less impressive, shine of her platinum eternity diamond wedding band – this is what she wears every day, when she’s out and about.


Celebrities love their diamond wedding bands. Salma Hayek wears one, either with her £200,000 oval-diamond engagement ring, or solo. Nicole Kidman pairs her three-diamond engagement ring from hubby Keith Urban with her substantial diamond wedding band. While hers has a slimmer silhouette, singer Pink also sports an eternity diamond ring from husband Corey Hart – and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s wedding band is nearly identical (at least from the not-so-comfortable distance of a paparazzi’s lens).

Men’s Bling

And it’s not only the celebrity women who sport diamond wedding bands. True, many celebrity men opt for a plain yellow or white-gold band (surprisingly, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Jay-Z do), but football legend David Beckham has a large, impressive ring encircled with square-cut diamonds. And you know what? That ring is only one of several he wears (nearly all feature diamonds).

Custom Clarity

You, too, can feel like a celebrity yourself – and declare your lifetime love with custom diamond wedding rings in Melbourne. Before you embark on such a quest, be sure you choose a jeweller with an impeccable reputation. Your wedding – and rings which you will wear throughout your life – deserve the best. For diamond wedding rings, consult with a jeweller like Simon West – the Melbourne-based designer offers bespoke custom rings. Couples can peruse the shop’s comprehensive online site and then make an appointment to consult about getting diamond wedding rings for both bride and groom.


Styles to Choose From

All eternity or half-eternity bands, for example, are not created equal. A woman’s diamond wedding ring, for example, can feature brilliant cut diamonds. Simon West’s Manna features 11 stones or nine larger ones in the Manna II. You can visit here for more info.  You can view carre-cut diamonds, snugly-fit princess-cut diamonds, or flying cut diamonds, each in a channel setting. Also in a channel setting, Simon West offers a beautiful combination woman’s diamond wedding ring with five baguettes and four princess-cut diamonds.


Men’s rings will never be as delicate as women’s, but crafted correctly, they can be a piece of art. For example, Simon West created a man’s diamond wedding ring – appropriately named “Bold” – which is a matte yellow band, with 11 brilliant-cut round, polished-grain set diamonds in the white gold shoulders. Eighteen black diamonds are lined up in a channel setting in a matte white gold ring (Vantage) and there’s also “Marshall,” a men’s matte white-gold band with three square princess-cut diamonds inset.


Diamonds Are Forever and For Everyone

Diamond wedding bands – a beautiful way to celebrate your eternity together – do not need to be ostentatious, just beautifully designed, crafted, and worn. Your lifetime love deserves a lifetime commitment and an extraordinary investment with many emotional returns.

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