How to Moisturize Natural Hair Daily

Keeping your hair moisturized is one of those effective ways that you can help guarantee quality and healthy hair. There are various benefits of having moisturized hair, key among them is that moisturized hair leads to enhanced hair growth. While moisturizing natural hair comes with numerous benefits to your hair, keeping your hair moisturized can be quite of a challenging task. In this article, we go into details to find out what you can do to help keep your hair natural moisturized every day. To find out more keep reading this article.

Always do a deep conditioning

Performing deep conditioning on your hair greatly helps to moisturize natural hair quickly and effectively. By performing a natural and deep conditioning routine on your hair on a daily basis, you are helping to retain moisture on the hair longer. Basically, natural deep conditioners usually remain on the hair for a long period of time thus penetrating the hair strands. When sufficient moisture penetrates your hair strands, your hair gets the nutrients it needs to grow tall and healthy. Just ensure that you are using a moisturizing conditioner that contains natural ingredients that will enhance natural moisturizing of your hair.

Cover your hair at night to keep in moisture

Always ensure that at night as you to bed to sleep, cover your hair with a scarf as this helps to retain the moisture on your hair. If you leave your hair uncovered as you sleep on your bed, the oils you have on the hair will be wiped off by your bedding and this will lead to hair loss. Remember the oils that are present on your hair play a big role in trapping and retaining moisture. When oil on your hair is wiped off, your hair loses the important ingredient that helps to retain moisture and luster.

Shampoo your scalp and hair

One of the first things you can do to help keep your moisturized is to ensure that your hair remains clean and healthy at all times. What better way can you achieve the hygiene of your hair than by washing it with good quality shampoo? Shampoos help to clean your hair’s scalp and the hair strand or any debris build-up. With clean hair you can be sure that more moisture will be retained as a result. But always ensure that the shampoo that you use to clean your hair regularly is sulfate free.

Steam your hair

Another way that you can moisturize your natural hair is by applying steam on it. Yes, you heard it right, hot steam directed on hair helps to raise the hair cuticle so that hair products that are applied on the hair can easily be absorbed into your hair shaft. Steaming the hair is, in fact, the best hair moisturizing method for you to choose if you are kind of lady with short hair. Ladies with short hair usually have their hair cuticles closed and when steam is applied is when their hair gets raised. It is a great way to moisturize hair without necessarily soaking it with water. You can visit a salon that offers steaming as a method of moisturizing hair or better still you can purchase a hand-held personal hair steamer and use it yourself.

Drink plenty of water

By drinking plenty of water every day you will be adding moisture to your natural hair. Most people are usually unaware of this simple and easy method to moisturize hair. Water helps to hydrate the body as well as your skin the reverse occurs when you don’t drink water. When your skin gets dehydrated your hair also loses water and thus is deprived of moisture. So, before you think of other sophisticated ways of moisturizing your hair, just grab that glass of water and drink plenty of it every other day!

Use coconut oil on your hair

Coconut oil is a great hair moisturizer and can greatly bring about the difference that you need. Coconut oil is known to easily penetrate hair shaft thus making an excellent moisturizer. Just ensure that after you have applied coconut oil to your hair to moisturize it add heavier oil to help seal moisture in your hair. Apart from coconut oil just moisturizing your hair it will also help to condition your scalp for better scalp health.

Try out the baggy method

This is yet another effective method that you can rely on to moisturize your natural hair. It involves applying a moisturizing product e.g. an organic leave-in conditioner plus oil to the ends of your hair. After this, cover your hair with a plastic wrap allowing for the products you have applied to remain on your hair for a few hours. This method although it is a little time consuming, is a great way to help seal in moisture into your natural hair.

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