How To Make A Day Out of Visiting Edgbaston Village

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Last week, I had the honour to partner with Calthorpe Estate to spend the day exploring the high-end lifestyle Edgbaston Village has to offer. Edgbaston Village is less than a mile from Birmingham city centre so it was very accessible for us and easy to find this hidden gem.

Where To Eat

Dotted around Edgbaston Village are an impressive variation of cafes, delis, and restaurants. Award-winning bars and restaurants, inspirational home and lifestyle stores, some of the country’s top health and beauty providers including: Michelin starred restaurant, Simpsons, The Edgbaston, Loki Wine, OKA, Neptune, and EF Medispa.

Our first stop was Boston Tea Party and we’re keen to try out the new menu. We both had flatbreads with spiced lamb and Greek yoghurt whilst Leslie tucked into his current fave: sausage and beans on toast.

Mathew had a hot drink whilst Les and I had the yummiest smoothies. The Peach Melba. Honestly, they tasted divine. ? I’m keen to try the Mango Lassi one too, looks good!

We then stopped by Laghi’s Deli for some sweet treats. I loved everything about this restaurant. Everything was so well made and the main menu had a lot of tasty options.  I mean A LOT. The seafood selection looked very inviting. Mathew by this point had dashed off, but he’s a seafood lover and we would definitely be back to try out the mains. If you’re into award-winning dining (and who isn’t) be sure to stop by.



Next, we stopped by the beautiful Martineau Gardens which is a few minutes drive from Boston Tea Party. Soon as we walked through, I was stunned. Couldn’t believe I’d never been there before. It was perfectly serene and calming. It was fairly quiet which I guessed was as a result of the bad weather we’d been having l week. But I quite enjoyed the quietness. It gave me a chance to have a nice wander around and enjoy the different greenhouses and flowers.

We were met by the very lovely Sara who gave us a quick rundown of lots of kid-friendly activities to do around the garden. We had a walk around the Shipwreck Play Area which is perfect for picnics in the summer. There are a few ponds around so if you do go with a child you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not playing around the ponds which run a little bit deep. Leslie is obsessed with insects and generally any crawlies so he was off his mind excited to see all the bees and insects buzzing about. I had to put him back in his pram because he kept trying to run after them and I couldn’t keep up haha!??


We ventured into the woodlands section of the Martineau Gardens which was absolutely amazing. Perfect for meditating and just having a satisfying walk through. By this time, Les had tired himself out and was asleep so I took in the woodlands in complete peace and quiet which I really thoroughly enjoyed. I’d love to go back as it was perfect for photos! My photographer, Chanel and I had so much fun capturing different looks around the gardens.

Within walking distance of Edgbaston Village are a range of internationally recognised sports venues and leisure venues including Edgbaston Priory Club, Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Be sure to add these to your must-visit list next time you’re in the vicinity.




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How To Make A Day Out of Visiting Edgbaston Village

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