How to Look Dazzling on Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is one of the most important moments of a girl’s life and looking dazzling is any bride’s goal when planning the hairdo, the make-up, the jewelry, dress, and shoes. Unfortunately, many brides trade personal comfort and fashion style for looks only, forcing themselves to spend hours in excruciating heels or missing their own party to refresh their make-up.

This post is all about how to look dazzling on your wedding day without pain and suffering. You need to have fun, look smashing, be confident, show attitude and enjoy the best day of your life! So let’s see what and how to pick head to toe items that won’t make you cringe when looking back at your wedding photos a couple decades later.

1. Hairstyle

Many women long for sumptuous buns and chignons on their wedding day, starting to prepare for the big day months in advance, treating their hair and letting it grow in length. However, if you really like your short or medium hair and don’t want to go through an elaborate process, look for some amazing bridal hairstyles for every possible hair lengths. The trick is to use hair accessories and a gorgeous wedding veil to ease your grandmother’s pain of seeing you sporting a pixie cut instead of a voluminous, all bangs and sophisticated twisted hairdo.


2. Makeup

When it comes to makeup, wedding stylists have a few recommendations for all brides to be:

  • Test your wedding makeup before, even if you will do it yourself or work with a makeup artist;
  • Choose long-lasting products. You need a bit of retouching throughout the day, that is necessary, but your lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, and concealer need to be true soldiers and have your back no matter what.
  • Use only waterproof mascara. You might get all teary and you certainly don’t want to run over to the toilette to wash your full makeup down.
  • You need to look like yourself. Many brides go over the top with elaborate makeup designs that literally transforms them into another person. Makeup artists recommend you pick a makeup which doesn’t require heavy maintenance once every two hours and which allows your natural beauty to shine.

3. Jewelry and Accessories

Wedding stylists all agree at least on one thing: your wedding jewelry should match your dress, your headpiece, your skin tone, age and wedding theme. You might receive “something old” or “something borrowed” when it comes to wedding jewelry from your mother, grandmother or best friend, but in many cases, brides get to pick their own sets.

Modern trends emphasize the importance of wearing pearls on your wedding day, as a symbol of harmony, wisdom, and unity. Remember that you don’t have to wear white pearls only. A pink Freshwater pearl pendant will add the exact amount of high-end taste and grace you need for an exquisite bridal look. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are the go-to bridal accessories these days. And remember, you can pass them over to your daughter or granddaughter in decorative gift boxes when time comes!

4. The Dress

Picking the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important tasks a girl can face. It should flatter your silhouette, it should compliment your best-looking body parts, and it should match your personality, your attitude and your wedding theme in case you have one.  Let’s see a few recommendations when it comes to modern wedding dresses:

  • They don’t have to be crispy white: contemporary designers play with a wide palette of creamy, soft hues and nuances, approaching ivory, cream, pink, blue and even gray in an elegant and exquisite manner.
  • You don’t have to buy the dress which is trendy today, but get one that makes you look best.
  • When trying the dress, bring your accessories as well: the dress might look gorgeous on the mannequin, but does it look good with your veil, jewelry and shoes?
  • After you bought the dress, wear it a little (but keep it safe!) to get used to it and achieve comfort and freedom of movement. The wedding day is not the best time to realize your dress is heavy or itchy.

5. The Shoes

Wedding dressed and wedding shoes go hand in hand, and you can’t pick one without the other. Specialists recommend you pay a great deal of attention to shoes, as they are the most likely to become uncomfortable and ruin your day. We strongly advise you read a few tutorials on how to select your bridal shoes and don’t stop until you have at least two great and comfortable pairs!

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