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How To Know You’re Really In Love

Being in love is the trickiest and the most beautiful thing a human being may experience.

Once you’ve found your soul mate, your world revolves around him. Researchers have investigated that an in-love brain looks different. Particularly, there is an activity in the brain linked to obsessive thinking. Moreover, it has been proved that love triggers euphoria and addiction.

Nevertheless, there is no a universal formula, which can indicate that you are truly in love. But there are some signs, which can help you to understand the true nature of your feelings. If you analyze them, you’ll understand yourself and the ambiance in your relations better.

So, what are the possible hallmarks of true love?

Unselfishness, Unity, And Acceptance

True love eliminates ego. You put aside all grand visions of love, which have been implanted into your mind. And you tear down all walls, which have been built because you were burned in the past.

You just give your love, warmth, attention to the spouse and you don’t expect anything in return. You become happy when the other half is happy and you work for this happiness.

You reach the point when his needs trump your own. His smile, laughter, and happiness become your priority. But it doesn’t mean that you are beneath or he is above you, you are at the same level.

Besides, you integrate into each part of each other’s lives, you are one team now and you use “us” instead of “you and me.” You bring your loved one around your family and friends. Moreover, studies show that when you are really into someone, you want your relatives to like him.

Love means that you become the extension of each other. In fact, you never become tired of each other, when your boyfriend is around, it’s your favorite part of the day.

On top of that, even the imperfections of your loved one become unique things, which you adore. When you love wholeheartedly, you accept all his flaws and frailties and they don’t annoy you.

Common Future & Personal Growth

When you think about the future, only one thing you can see clearly is that he is with you. You see your common perspectives with him and want to make the dream about a wonderful home and children come true. You imagine how your children will look like, how you will spend your first Christmas together and how many amazing things you’ll share with a wonderful person. Besides, you cherish all memorable moments. Your first kiss, the first date will never be forgotten, they’ve turned into amazing memories and you want to create more of them.

Each decision you make is connected with his plans and aspirations. For this, you try to become better. You work on your character, evolve professionally because you want to be the best woman for your man.

You Are Always Overwhelmed With Emotions

When you are together with the spouse, all you feel is a vague sensation, which resembles butterflies in your stomach. Scientists say that this feeling arises when your body releases adrenaline due to the excitement you experience when your spouse is near. All you can tell your partner is: “You make me happy.”

Moreover, unconditional happiness is your eternal companion when you are in love. When you are with your loved one, the blood flow is increased, and the level of dopamine is boosted, as state researchers from Rutgers University. Dopamine is in charge for the feeling of pleasure and excitement.

Also, when you experience these strong emotions, you may lose track of time. You may do anything together: work, exercise, cuddle, kiss, or debate about different issues, watch movies, but you feel as if you’ve spent only a few moments with him.

Easy Communication & Trust

You feel comfortable opening up to him. You are always delighted to discuss everything with him, talking about uneventful stuff is engaging and exciting. Even if you hate football, when you hear him speaking about his favorite team, it seems to you that it is the most interesting story you’ve ever heard. Discussing silly stuff is as easy and natural as talking about serious things and awkward silence is something you’ve never had.

When you are together, you have undivided attention and you know that you can open each corner of your soul to him and share all innermost facts.

Besides, love is a positive feeling and it hardly includes jealousy, because this emotion is destructive. When your hearts are connected, you have unquestioning trust in each other.

Readiness To Compromise & Sacrifice

If you really care about what he thinks, then you always take his opinion into consideration. If earlier you always did what you thought was right, now you are ready to meet halfway and admit your mistakes.

Love is a sacrifice. You give away your ambitions and desires and become rewarded with a faithful friend and companion. You should understand that love isn’t about only your or his dreams, plans, and desires, it is about building up common dreams and fulfilling them together. That is why you are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of love.

Life Seems Incomplete Without Him

When you are apart, it’s a disaster. You worry about him and you couldn’t bear to let anything happen to him. You yearn for his presence and nothing brings you joy and happiness when he is gone. You feel a constant connection with him and find alternative ways to keep in touch. You text him about all things, which have happened to you during the day, and talk via Skype.

Also, when you are into him, you don’t see other men, regardless their attractiveness. You may notice that they are sexy, but you don’t have a desire to kiss or cuddle with them since your heart is occupied. Being monogamous become a genuine need.

Thus, finding true love is a great luck, but keeping it alive is a tough work. Love requires constant efforts to grow and flourish. So, if you have all these signs in your relationship, then do your best to save this connection and make it last forever.


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