How to get a high fashion wardrobe on a shoe string budget


In the past ten years or so, a lot of people and families have been in increasingly tight financial situations. But by being prudent, you don’t have to break the bank to have a high fashion wardrobe! From visiting charity shops to making your own cheap fabric innovations, you can look sharp on a shoestring, and this guide is here to help!

Know what you’re aiming for

The first step is to get a strong vision of what you want out of your wardrobe. This will help you to: hone your image as a modern fashionista; stay “on brand” and avoid spending money on clothes you won’t end up wearing. Check out the fashion blogs – it’s the 21st century, you no longer need to buy magazines to find out what’s hot and what’s not! Blogs such as Carambalache can provide great inspiration for looks that will help you stand out and look great. After you’ve decided on your hip look, all that remains is to get the clothes to pull off the looks….


Make your own clothes

One option, which is not only affordable but also fun, is to make your own clothes. Fabric is more affordable than you might think, and once you pick up these skills you’ll be able to kit yourself out on an affordable budget and look fantastic in unique, custom clothes for the rest of your life. You can re-use fabric from last season’s outfits to save even more cash, or buy your own fabric for a truly unique look. This is a bold option which takes some effort, but it truly pays off in more ways than one.


Go second hand

Don’t be afraid to visit charity shops and places which sell re-purposed and second hand clothes! You might be surprised to learn that Oxfam has its own fashion blog. Retro is becoming more and more in style every year, and you can find truly impressive gems in charity shops which would have cost far more if bought new. Another sneaky tactic is to buy cheap clothes second hand and use them to create new clothes! Find an ugly garment made from beautiful material and cut it up and make something cute from it.


With a bit of inspiration and some cheap fabric UK fashionistas can rock the latest looks without breaking the bank, and maybe even have some fun on the way!

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How to get a high fashion wardrobe on a shoe string budget

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