Had To Share: Eloli – A Contemporary African Fashion Brand

Today’s Had To Share post is an amazing fashion brand started by three sisters. Eloli is a contemporary African fashion brand. Eloli means “it is beautiful” in Bafaw, a language spoken in Cameroon. The Eloli woman and man stands out from the crowd with their adventurous and confident nature. A man and woman of the world, they are glamorous with a chic and unique style allowing them to revel in being the centre of attention.

Started by three sisters, Dibo, Sume and Fese, the brand incorporates their love for vibrant colours and patterns. Living in three different cities on three different continents, they are are able to convey their inspirations and heritage into their designs. 
Eloli is is for lovers of all things print, bold and beautiful. From eclectic phone cases to printed luxury bags, they’ve got it all. I love how diverse their range is. Especially the shirts. 
Tech lovers, Eloli has got you covered. Style up your tech in fab printed styles. African print phone cases are available for a wide range of mobile phones from iPhone to Samsung users. 
Eloli has a fabulous printed handbag and purses range to offer. Get into that large ankara print orange tote <3
The Eloli Man is not afraid to rock bold colours. Their shirt range also includes vibrant prints and hues.
For UK buyers, Eloli is stocked at:
13 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP, United Kingdom
You can find the Eloli Boutique and Showroom in Yaounde at après Pharmacie Xavyo, Olezoa.

Shop Eloli at www.shopeloli.comThey ship worldwide and shipping to North America is free! Or connect with Eloli via:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/elolidesign

Twitter – https://twitter.com/eloliworld

Instagram – http://instagram.com/eloliworld

Polyvore – http://eloliworld.polyvore.com/

Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/eloliworld/

Which pieces are you crushing over? The pink shirt and printed clutch are speaking to me.

have a blessed start to the weekend.



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