Get To Know The Qualities Of The Perfect Engagement Rings


Knowing the characteristics to a perfect engagement ring is crucial to winning your woman over. You have already won her heart so you don’t need to worry about that. Choosing the perfect engagement ring however is a big responsibility and if done well it can leave a lasting impression on your future wife.

There are some essential things to consider however when weighing up the various options in the engagement ring buying process. For example, her personal style is a huge part of that. Thinking what makes your special one tick and about how they express their personality through what they wear is a big part of it.

When checking out unique engagement rings in Brisbane’s CBD, you can tap into a goldmine of beautiful hand-crafted designs that cater to a range of styles. As a ring is the symbol of your love and commitment to one another you will want to get it right. Going to the right supplier is a big part of choosing correctly.


What are some of the qualities of the perfect engagement ring however? Is there such a thing? Read these 4 ways of spotting the winning ring so you can surprise the woman you love:

  • Choose the metal wisely

The metal is essentially what makes up the ring itself therefore it’s a very important aspect of the overall design and finish it has. There are a variety of metals you can choose from and the Ringleaders in Brisbane offers a great selection.

From platinum to gold and shades of rose, you can choose a metal that reflects your partner’s personal style. If your fiancé has sensitive skin for example, it may be wise to choose a hypoallergenic material that doesn’t cause any reaction. This is looking at the bigger picture and is guaranteed to help you choose the best ring possible!

  • Picking the perfect stone

The next big thing is the stone, often the centrepiece of the engagement ring. Looking at loose stones is a great way to get an idea of how the finished ring will look and give you a good idea of the cost too.  With the choice of diamonds and precious gems available, you will have to consider a number of facts from size, cuts, clarity and the type of stones available. Going to a reputable store such as Ringleaders in Brisbane is highly recommended to choose well and responsibly too


  • Developing your knowledge of what makes a diamond beautiful

As we mentioned briefly above, considering the 4 C’s of buying a diamond comes down to its colour, clarity, cut and carat. When you put these together, you will be able to search for the highest quality grade of diamond to dazzle your fiancé with.

  • Know which shape makes your fiancés heart jump

Discovering the perfect shape is a key part of choosing the perfect ring. For example, there are plenty of shapes that make a diamond unique. It can be round, radiant or in a princess shape just to name a few. So do some digging and discover what shape she is in love with as this element will mainly be down to personal taste.


As you can see there are many factors that make up the perfect engagement ring and following the above points can really help you choose ‘the one’.



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  • asallows
    March 19, 2016

    I totally agree that the metal you choose is so important! It can really make or break the ring!

  • G
    March 19, 2016

    nice one

  • Micki Allen
    March 19, 2016

    When the spice and I got engaged a thousand years ago, I just wanted a ring that we could afford without starting our marriage in debt. It was a sweet little heart-shaped diamond on a simple gold band. I’ve saved it for one of my own children to use JIC. As the years passed, we upgraded and I have a gorgeous set that we designed using my own mother’s original solitaire, loose diamonds from one of my step-mother’s rings, and the white gold from one of my grandmother’s rings. I’m hoping that in time it will become a family heirloom.

  • Stella Asteria
    March 24, 2016

    Great post and tips for our other half!
    Enjoy your day 🙂