Easy Ways To Improve Your Skincare Routine In 2018

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If you’ve recently started taking care of your skin, you’re on the right track as having a skincare routine is part of living a healthy lifestyle. Research found that British women spend about £70,000 on their appearance in their lifetime, with about £30,000 spent on the face alone. While investing in quality cosmetics and skincare products may lead to better skin and fewer skin problems, it’s also important to use the right products and techniques to keep your skin looking its best. Here are a few ways to improve your skincare routine in 2018:

Make double cleansing a habit

Washing your face before going to bed is a must to prevent pimples, blackheads, and other skin conditions. However, step it up this year by mastering the double cleanse. This means using a cleansing oil, balm, or micellar water to break down makeup, oil, and dirt, then follow up with a foaming cleanser and water. A double cleanse is recommended if you wear makeup every day, and it ensures that your face is free of every trace. Plus, having a perfectly clean face also allows your other skincare products to perform better.


Wash your makeup brushes regularly

Investing in a set of quality makeup brushes allows you to blend your makeup well and it also elevates the way your cosmetics look on your skin. To keep your skin clear and healthy, consider washing your brushes every four uses. You can use a special tool to clean your brushes or just plain water and a mild cleansing agent such as baby shampoo. Pat the bristles dry and reshape the brush head, then store your makeup brushes upright in a glass mason jar or any decorative container.


Take care of your skin from the inside out

Did you know that the right foods can be beneficial to your skin? It’s not only the products that you use, but the food and drinks that you consume can lead to better skin. Increase your intake of fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel to keep skin supple and moisturised. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and lycopene can protect skin from damage while drinking green tea can improve the skin’s moisture and elasticity. To maintain your skin’s health and radiant glow, cut back on sugar, dairy, caffeine, and processed foods.

Elevate your skincare routine by following these easy tips. You’ll surely enjoy having smooth, glowing, and healthy skin in 2018.

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Skincare Routine In 2018

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