Don’t let your travel anxiety hold you back – 5 ways to manage your anxiety on the road

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced traveller or you’ve never been on a plane before, travel anxiety can hit anyone at any time and sometimes without warning. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live our best lives and have travel experiences that are influenced by glossy images on Instagram. But, travelling can be scary! Long lines, the fear of missing your flight, worrying about getting lost, or being mugged, what if you’ve made the wrong choice or instantly regret things the moment you step off the plane?

What we need to remember, is that travelling – although incredibly stressful – is incredibly rewarding. And if travel anxiety is something you’re concerned about, then read on for 5 ways you can manage your anxiety on the road.

Plan ahead

Having a travel insurance policy in place will ultimately give you peace of mind and potentially reduce your anxiety levels. When you know that you’re covered for every eventuality from a lost suitcase to a broken tooth, then you might be able to enjoy yourself a little more. You can find out more about travel insurance here – If you haven’t arranged your travel insurance then take some time to find a policy now.

Research your destination

The fear of the unknown is something that affects everyone. Whether they’re starting a new job or stepping off the plane on the other side of the world. You can reduce this anxiety by doing a little research before you travel. Get to know the emergency service numbers, find out which areas are tourist-friendly, locate restaurants that you’re familiar with if you’re not yet ready to try local cuisine. Don’t worry about taking away the magic of travelling – you won’t find everything about your destination in a guidebook.

Don’t let a fear of flying stop you

It’s a common phobia, that has the potential to stop you following your dreams. So, don’t let it! If you have a flying phobia or it makes you uneasy then let your flight attendants know. They’re trained in helping and assisting passengers who don’t like flying. It’s their job.

Identify your triggers

Are you worried you’ll miss your flight? Frightened you’ll leave something behind? Or concerned that you’re going to get lost? Once you identify what it is that’s making you feel anxious and uneasy, then you can take the steps needed to eliminate the issue. Arrange travel to the airport in good time, create a list of everything in your backpack and make sure you can tick everything off before you move on. If you’re worried about getting lost, then study the area around your accommodation before you travel and decide how you’re going to get around.

Accept your anxiety

Managing our anxiety can seem like an impossible task, however, one way of controlling it is to accept it. Remind yourself that everyone feels this way from time to time and concentrate on the little wins!

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Don’t let your travel anxiety hold you back – 5 ways to manage your anxiety on the road

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