Does the Size of the Ring Really Equal the Size of Your Love?

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‘How big…’ is the question men have been asking themselves for years. This is because society has deemed that engagement rings should include gigantic centre stones that sparkle and will make their fiancé be the envy of all her friends. However, at the end of the day, does the ring size really matter?

To many couples, they would say it depends. Surprisingly, while celebrities may receive 5-carat, 10-carat, or even more blinding bling, the majority of couples choose somewhere between a modest 1/2 carat to a carat engagement ring. Some guys may feel threatened by seeing extravagant rings and want to buy a stunning, sparkling ring, but also doesn’t want to go into debt at the beginning of your marriage so consider following these ideas to buy sparkly perfect diamond rings from the Diamond Jewellery Studio.

  • Choose a well cut diamond. Buy her a diamond that has the ideal symmetry and finish and each of its cuts are perfectly proportionate. This allows your diamond to shine brightly and feature all of its facets. You may pay more for a high-quality cut diamond but sometimes you can buy a smaller carat size and still have it sparkle on her finger. For loose diamonds or hand-crafted engagement rings, check out the Diamond Jewellery Studio and view their galleries online or visit their studio.
  • Adding on to that, if you want to make the diamond appear bigger, consider choosing a diamond shape with a larger table size. Fancy diamond shapes like an emerald or marquise shape make the diamond appear larger and shinier than it really is.

  • Watch for how many inclusion or blemishes a diamond has and get one with a high clarity ranking. This ranking determines your diamond’s value the most so aim to get a near flawless diamond. If you can afford it, you want a diamond with very, very slight inclusions (VVS) or very slight inclusions (VS) where you can’t see the imperfections, even under a microscope. However, most people end up choosing a diamond with a slightly included ranking (SI1) meaning you can see the imperfections under a microscope but you need to be aware of what you’re looking for to find them.
  • Choose the whitest diamond you can. While the colour won’t necessarily make up for the size of the diamond, it will bring her attention to its impressive beauty. Diamonds are graded in colour from D which is near colourless to Z, which is yellow. Most jewellers sell diamonds in F through J, which are more affordable but still lovely.

Sometimes, too avoid relationship dilemmas, it’s beneficial to look at rings together, because then he gets clues on her taste and style, and she has an inkling of what he can afford.  It’s important to realise that relationships aren’t always measured in dollar signs and carat size, but what the ring actually symbolises, your everlasting love.

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  • Luiza Affonso
    January 8, 2016

    In my opinion, a small diamond solitaire is much more elegant than these in the pics.

  • Micki Allen
    January 8, 2016

    My original engagement ring was a modest three-quarter carat heart-shaped diamond that we chose together. Over the past 23 years of our marriage, we’ve both upgraded our wedding bands on significant anniversaries. That said, I’ve told my spouse on numerous occasions that I would have married him with a cigar band around my finger. You’re so correct. It’s the love that counts.

  • adventuremeetsdesigner
    January 8, 2016

    Indeed, its love that counts.. But I don’t mind a massive diamond ring, like the “eye blinding bling” lol.
    my last two engagements (I sound like an engagement breaker right now, anyways…) have been really tiny rings you wont even notice I had a ring on, so having a really massive ring like the ones above wont be too much to ask (I hope he reads this comment).!

  • Angel Mbeks
    January 11, 2016

    Truth that…Well said..

    Meanwhile i nominated you to the “sisterhood award” . Details are on my current blog post check it out.Remember participation is optional. If you do not want to, that s okay with me. Thanks.

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