Does it Matter What Kind of Product You Use on Your Face?

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The goal of putting on makeup is to improve your features and look presentable. No one will ask about the whole process it took to get there–unless you’re in front of a makeup expert, that is. If it’s the end result that matters, does the kind of product or the mode of application matter?

It Depends on the Skin Condition

It could be due to the environment or the natural skin condition, but some people are blessed with blemish-free skin. They can get away with minimal makeup and still look good. They don’t have any problems looking through a CC cream online shop because most products look good on their skin as long as it’s in their shade. Meanwhile, there are others whose skin need a little more TLC. They need extra moisturizing to prep the face to make sure their foundation sticks and their skin doesn’t look flaky. Even if everyone used the same products, results won’t be consistent and homogenous because of varying skin conditions and types.

If You Want the Best Results

Aside from the product you use, the way you apply them also matters. Some makeup types are better applied using a sponge while others look best applied using brushes. Even among brush types, you’ll have to choose between natural and synthetic. All these variations do not just exist because brands needed to make more money. A lot of research has been put into how applicators affect the finish and application of a product to ensure that customers get the most from their purchase.

Considering Your Budget

For every expensive product out there, there’s a dupe that aims to cater to those with a smaller budget. Makeup is something that helps you feel good about yourself, but it shouldn’t mean you have to spend everything you have on one single product. The kind of product you use should still be affordable given your salary. If you just look at the hyped products online and buy blind, you’ll have good skin because of your makeup, but once you’re barefaced, you’ll notice your unhealthy skin because you’re not taking care of it and eating healthy. Other aspects of your lifestyle affect your skin condition, so don’t focus on just makeup.

Makeup is important. However, considering the range of prices and overlap in product types, choosing wisely is better than following trends blindly.

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Does it Matter What Kind of Product You Use on Your Face?

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